Is Telepsychology In Your Future?

We’re all watching as advances in telecommunications and information technology makes the world more connected than ever. But what will this mean in terms of providing mental health care to people in need? According to Marlene Maheu of the Telemental Health Institute in Cheyenne, Wyoming, that change is already underway.

When a Parent Loses a Child

One of the greatest traumas imaginable is when parents have to deal with the death of a child. Producing greater stress than dealing with the death of a parent or spouse, a child’s death is especially traumatic because it is often unexpected as well as being in violation of the usual order of things in which the child is expected to bury the parent.

Do Animals Have Insight?

Though studying human insight is relatively straightforward since human subjects can provide verbal feedback about how their thought processes work, what can researchers learn about how animals solve problems? Are animals capable of having “aha” moments as well? And how could we even tell?

Learning to Be Funny

Is there a psychology of humour? And is it even possible to develop a scientific understanding of what is “funny”? For most people, humour is often seen as purely intuitive with comics “feeling out” their audience to see what will make them laugh. Those brave academics who dared study humour serious are typically accused of missing the point completely.

Being Bullied Online

Though cyberbullying is becoming recognized as a serious problem for virtually anyone with access to the Internet, the impact that it can have on younger children is harder to measure. A new study published in Psychology of Popular Media Culture examined the complex relationship between traditional and cyber bullying in younger boys and girls.

When The Boss Is Out to Get You

How do you deal with the boss from hell? Along with popular movies like The Devil Wears Prada and Swimming With Sharks as well as widespread experiences with aggressive supervisors, the idea of the abusive boss who denigrates and humiliates underlings has become a well-entrenched part of popular culture.

Can Cold Feet Predict Marital Breakdown?

Are premarital doubts a natural part of the wedding process or can they be a sign of potential problems in later marriage? A study in the Journal of Family Psychology examined the “cold feet” phenomenon in a longitudinal study to see whether premarital doubts could predict later marriage failure. The results show that premarital doubts should not be dismissed so easily.

Apocalypse Not

Though end-of-the-world cruises and gatherings took place around the world, one of the chief focal points for the 2012 craze was the small town of Bugarach, France (though it was an honour the city could have done without). As December 21, 2012 approached, the town was besieged by hundreds of New Agers believing it would provide safety in the coming destruction.

Deciding to be Adults

How early should adolescents start thinking about taking up adult roles? While that awkward stage known as adolescence can be uncomfortable, being halfway between childhood and adulthood means making choices about when to become an adult. How soon should they become sexually active? Or finish school? Or become parents?

December 12 Is Global Bullying Prevention Day

Bullying can take many forms, all of them ugly. Though news stories continue to report bullied students who lash out in violence, whether in the form of suicide or through shooting rampages punishing teachers and students alike, the epidemic of bullying continues. And the damage can last into adulthood.

Can Ecstasy Help Treat PTSD?

Veterans are taking a serious look at a promising new research that shows positive results in treating severe posttraumatic stress in patients using MDMA ("Ecstasy") in combination with psychotherapy. Will current drug legislation allow expanded treatment programs using restricted drugs?

How Can We Treat Traumatized Children?

A new Canadian Psychology article describes five cognitive-behavioural treatment methods for dealing with children and adolescents who have had traumatic experiences. Treating traumatized children effectively can mean preventing later mental health problems.

Is the Recession Leading to Increased Suicides?

As high-profile news stories of suicides linked to job loss and mortgage foreclosures continue to be reported in many countries, new research is showing that the current recession can have deadly consequences in terms of increased suicide rates around the world.

Exploring the Placebo Effect

How is the placebo effect being exploited to sell patients on alternative medicine claims? Dr. Steve Novella of Yale University gave a fascinating talk at a conference in Nashville, TN recently.

Implanting False Memories

As Elizabeth Loftus reported in a recent talk, "We’ve done hundreds of experiments involving thousands of subjects showing that it’s relatively easy to change people’s memory of the details of an event that they’ve actually experienced.” How reliable are memories of abuse "recovered" through psychotherapy?

When Children Testify About Abuse

In every case of child sexual abuse that goes to trial, it is often the child’s testimony that is the most crucial part of the prosecution’s case. Since the child is typically the only real witness against the suspected abuser, successful prosecution depends on how credible the child will be. What testimony impresses a jury?

When A Loved One Commits Suicide

Every year there are an estimated one million suicides worldwide and those numbers have been rising in many countries. In the United States alone, that means 37,000 deaths due to suicide making it the tenth leading cause of death overall. What impact does that have on people dealing with the suicide of a loved one? And do they always get they need afterward?

Can Lifelong Learning Help As We Age?

Can staying mentally active as we grow older help prevent cognitive and physical decline? A study of older adults attending a specialized university program in Madrid suggests that lifelong learning can be an important component in active aging.

When Men Are Raped

What are the common myths that discourage male victims of sexual assault from reporting the crime?

Probe Requested in Facebook Detention Case

A Virginia Legislator is calling for a formal investigation into the case of an ex-Marine who was involuntarily detained in a psychiatric hospital for seven days. Brandon Raub was held over statements that he made on Facebook which police maintain were threatening.

15-Year Old Charged in Adoptive Parents' Murder

15-year old Moses Kamin charged in gruesome murder of Oakland prison psychologist and clinical physician's assistant.

Can Psychopathic Personality Traits Predict Successful Presidents?

Do some psychopathic personality traits such as fearlessness and interpersonal dominance make for better leaders?

Inuit Community Groups Prepare For World Suicide Prevention Day

"Celebrate Life" theme of new public awareness campaign to prevent Inuit suicides.

"Outspoken" Canadian Psychologist Blacklisted by RCMP

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are refusing to pay for medical bills of officers seeing a psychologist who has been an outspoken critic of the force.

When Suicides Come in Clusters

How common are copycat suicides? And what can be done to prevent them from happening? Recent research has identified a comprehensive strategy for communities to put into use to contain suicide clusters as they happen.