Too Much to Do, Too Little Time

While men may find themselves taking on more responsibilities at work and home, women still find themselves doing a disproportionate amount of the domestic chores.

Do You Need a Digital Detox?

A new survey conducted by the American Psychological Association suggests that our relationship with technology and social media can have a major impact on stress and health.

Are You a Morning or an Evening Person?

While circadian preferences can change over the course of our lifespan, it is important to recognize how important morningness and eveningness can be in how we think and behave.

Bored in the U.S.A.

Psychologists studying boredom have formed some surprising conclusions about why we get bored and the role that it plays in how we think and behave.

Gaining a Window on the World

Can modern telecommunications solve the problem of social isolation in seniors? A new innovation by Swiss researchers making staying in touch easier than ever.

After the Germanwings Crash

A psychological autopsy into the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 and the co-pilot who was responsible.

When Children Lie

Research into how effective adults are in detecting deception in children have turned up some surprising findings.

Why Does Rape Happen?

How are victim blaming, sexual objectification, and sexual scripting linked to sexual assault? New research explores this disturbing question

Finding Mr./Ms. Right?

Is there such a thing as a "perfect match"? Or is a satisfying sexual relationship something that needs to grow with time?

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child?

Does sparing the rod spoil the child? New research explores how corporal punishment and harsh parenting can lead to later behavioral problems in children.

Does a Happy Partner Mean a Healthier You?

Intriguing new research seems to suggest that happiness in romantic partners influence how healthy you can be.

A New Way of Dealing with Mystery Symptoms

According to surveys, an estimated 25 to 33 percent of patients seeing their family doctors report symptoms that defy medical explanation. What kind of help can doctors provide?

Is There a Link Between Poor Sleep and Obesity?

How well did you sleep last night? And what might this mean in terms of your overall health? A new study highlights how poor sleep and obesity are related.

Gay Parents and the Fight for Acceptance

Along with the bullying faced by many sexual minority children in schools, children raised by LGBT parents can experience more subtle harassment as well.

After the Utoya Massacre

People who are directly affected by terrorism remain particularly vulnerable to the graphic news coverage often seen in the days or weeks following an attack.

Can Brain Stimulation Improve Memory in Seniors?

Are there ways of protecting the aging brain and preventing the loss of cognitive functioning? A look at some new advances into brain stimulation in older adults.

The FoMo Health Factor

New research suggests that excessive fear of missing out be a greater health risk than you might think.

An Updated Snapshot of the Online Narcissist

Are we really experiencing a narcissism epidemic, and does social media use play a role? A new meta-analysis raises some disturbing questions.

Is There a Right Age to Begin Having Sex?

Despite the controversy surrounding first-time sex, most young people in the United States become sexually active long before they reach adulthood.

Can Feeling Insecure Predict Obesity?

Can the quality of our relationships play a role in obesity? A new meta-analytic study suggests that it can (at least for adults).

Why Are We Offended by Media Violence?

A a new research study examines how viewers respond to media violence and what shapes their judgments about what they find offensive.

Does Lack of Sleep Make People More Violent?

A new study suggests that sleep problems plays a far greater role in aggression than researchers previously suspected.

The Couch Potato Problem

Understanding how personality can influence lifestyle choices such as sedentary behavior can be useful in encouraging us to be more active.

Are Stress and Obesity Related?

Though the main causes of obesity are high food intake, lack of adequate exercise, and genetic susceptibility, researchers have long suspected that stress may play a role as well.

Why Do We Panic in Emergencies?

In virtually every disaster, there is always the risk of mass panic which can often cause more casualties than the disaster itself. Can new research help prevent this?

Can Virtual Reality Help With Pain?

A new meta-analysis highlights the effectiveness of virtual reality distraction in controlling different types of pain.

When Social Media Sparks Depression

A new study highlights the psychological risks associated with the online harassment that can often occur on social medial sites such as Facebook.

When Does the Bullying Stop?

What are the long-term consequences of being bullied as a child? being a victim can be more far-reaching than you might think.

Does ADHD Exist?

While research studies aimed at identifying the neurological roots of ADHD continue to be published, at least one critic is suggesting that ADHD is a myth.

TRAPing the Lone Terrorist, Part 2

Intended to help law enforcement agencies identify people at high risk of extreme violence, the TRAP-18 shows great promise though more research is needed.