Face It, Accept It, Deal With It, Let It Go

A practicing-Buddhist Taiwanese immigrant and an American secular Jewish psychoanalyst walk into a bar...

Book Brings Development and Attachment to Youth Sports

Instead of telling parents what to do, our book, Raising Your Game, is based on lives of true experts, those who have experienced sports at every level.

Do Today's Parents Give Kids Too Much Say, or Not Enough?

How do we earn our children’s respect? It’s simple: by respecting them.

Why Going to Couples Therapy by Yourself Can Still Help

Here's how to work on your relationship even if your partner won't join you.

5 Reasons This Isn't Your Grandfather's Psychoanalysis

The image that many people have of psychoanalysis is from the 1950's or even earlier. Times change. And so has psychoanalysis.

Movie Review: "I'll See You In My Dreams"

At first glance, Carol Petersen (Blythe Danner) appears to be living the dream. At second glance, it looks like Carol is not so much living a dream as she is sleepwalking through life.

Social Media in a Successful Psychotherapy Practice

Learning how to navigate the new terrain of social media in a professional manner is integral to the success of a psychotherapy practice.

How Trying to Make Everyone Happy Can Make You Miserable

Do you bend over backwards to make everyone else happy? Then why are you so lonely? Here's why being a people pleaser is a losing long-term strategy.

Psychologists’ Involvement in Torture and the APA

Mitchell and Jessen, owners of a Washington based consulting firm contracted with the CIA for $181 million to conduct "enhanced interrogations."

A Formula for Happiness in a Sometimes Cruel World

Have faith, which in this case means a fervent belief in the existence of unknowable, uncontrollable, and infinitely expansive, adaptive, and regenerative forces in the universe working within and between us to adapt to life’s misfortunes without misery swallowing up our capacities to make the best of painfully unjust, cruel, and sometimes tragic circumstances.

The Psychology of Parenting Twins

The number of families with twins is increasing these days. But, parenting twins is a challenge!

Will I Still Be Me? Aging, Identity, and Self-Respect

When I look in the mirror as the years flow by, who will I see? Will I recognize and respect myself, or is it inevitable that I will be ashamed of aging and alienated from myself?

Love and Loss

Ten months after the death of my husband, I hear the following message on my voice mail: “I’m Molly Callahan. I need to see someone. I lost my husband six months ago and I’m having a hard time.”

Dreaming: Random or Meaningful?

From beginning to end, from a spider in my dreams to a cancer diagnosis, I have had a profound experience and insight into the communications of dreams.

How To Unleash Your Kids’ Skills of Emotional Regulation

I'm not saying dogs are the key to understanding human behavior, but kids who are kept on leash have a hard time socializing with other kids. Here's why.

Grandpa White’s Diary: Jewish Immigration in 19th Century

A stirring, firsthand account of immigration from Poland in the 1850s, through London at the height of it 19th Century civilization, and then on to the muddy, garbage-strewn, slums of New York.

Tangos of Debt Accumulation: What Are They All Worth?

Watch Jane and Bob max out on their credit cards. Is that their partners Jim and Mary registering half-hearted protests?

Parental Authority and the Criminal Justice System

One doesn’t behave in respectful ways as an adult when fed a steady diet of disrespect as a child.

The Power and Strength of Bearing Witness

Why is it that having a witness to significant experiences, whether in person or after the fact, adds meaning to our experiences, and in the case of traumatic events, makes our experiences more bearable?

Great Expectations: 4 Brain Science Tips for Holiday Success

If you had a six-foot tree last year, do you need a six-and-a-half foot tree this year? Here's how to have the family holiday you imagine without the craziness you fear.

Quiz: Will I be Safer if I Buy a Gun?

After every school shooting, movie house, or mall massacre, there is a jump in the number of gun sales. But does gun ownership really make you safer in your home?

The Shaming Language of Spirituality

Gandhi says, "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." If you can't forgive, this comes off as "Dude, even Gandhi thinks I suck!" Based on your history and experience, even the wisest words can ring untrue.
How to Overcome Sports Performance Anxiety

How to Overcome Sports Performance Anxiety

Sports performance anxieties appear to exist outside of us but, in truth, are projections of what could’ve, should’ve or would’ve happened to us during childhood. Here is how to defend against these phantoms from your past so they don’t influence your present.
The Hidden Wisdom of Porn Addiction

The Hidden Wisdom of Porn Addiction

It’s easy to mock or brush aside the topic, but porn is a ten billion-dollar business in our country—bigger than the NFL, the NBA and Major League Baseball combined.

"Codependent" No More?

Due in part to the sound-biting and Twitterization of our culture, the word "codependent" has become a catchphrase rather than a description of a relational pattern or process. It has also become a cliché.

The Cycle of Emotional Eating

Through the experience of nursing and feeding, food and love are paired from birth. Now when you feel stressed out or upset, you may feel hungry. So you eat something. But the hunger you're experiencing isn't physical, it’s emotional.

The Relational Roots of Addiction

If early relationships with caregivers failed to help a child learn to regulate, drugs can help that person feel temporarily "normal".

Narcissism: The Misunderstood Epidemic

Do we really hold a shared understanding of the meaning of narcissism? Is there a part of this psychological construction that remains beyond our grasp? As those in our public trust disappoint us with their missteps, many of us are left wondering, “What is happening to the American psyche?”

Thinking About Thinking May Help At-Risk Children

A child with high "mentalization" has space to consider his models from all sides, compare and contrast them, and choose how near or far to “stand” from them.

Psychoanalysis in the Age of "Just Do It"

Human activity has three dimensions: thought, feeling, and action. The implication of “Just Do It” is that thought and feeling are to be ignored in favor of action. The Nike revolution deletes two of the three spheres of human experience, and judging from shoes sales, little is so irresistible to Americans.