Mussel Power

How mussel genes influence collective behavior

Have Monkeys Typed Shakespeare?

The Infinite Monkey Theorem says that random typing will eventually produce the complete works of William Shakespeare. Have virtual monkeys operating in the cloud now succeeded?

Cactus Mathematics

New insights into Fibonacci numbers in plants, based on elasticity theory.

Quantum Mirage in the Sink

What your bathroom sink tells you about quantum mirages and black holes.

Forecasting Rogue Waves

Mariners had told tall tales of giant waves coming from nowhere and sinking ships. No one believed them. Until 1995, when an oil rig measured a wave 26 metres high, coming from nowhere. Now mathematics is helping ships to stay clear of regions where rogue waves are unusually common.

The real problem with rainbows

At school we all learn that rainbows are brightly coloured because a prism splits white light into lots of colours, and a drop of water acts like a prism. But there are lots of water drops in a shower of rain... so why don't the colours all smear out? What actually matters is not the colours, but the shape of the rainbow. To work that out, you need geometry.