Sex at my mother-in-law’s? Are you kidding?

Staying in the adult sexual self while visiting family

Flash Forward -- What a Temper Does to Sex

Having a temper means having a lonely bed

Santa’s Sock

While a man would rather miss his flight than have the jewels searched for terrorist contraband, nearly every man alive desperately wants to play airport security with his wife.

Nap Time

Are you tired? Can’t possibly quit and take a nap?

Everything’s okay – as long as I give him sex

Why does my husband act nice only when he’s had sex?

Sex—the ordinary holiday

Sex does for everyday life what holiday rituals do

How to have miserable sex

Miserable sex is easy-here's how
Former Lovers and Facebook

Former Lovers and Facebook

Is facebook a perpetual high school reunion.. My spouse wants to Facebook 'friend' a former lover?!? What should I say? ... HELL NO!
The Real Danger Porn Poses to Relationships

The Real Danger Porn Poses to Relationships

Men who prefer the internet to their wives

What Wives Think Up When their Husband's Penis Falls Down

False assumptions about husbands' Erectile Dysfunctions

Kitty's On the Grill

Initiating sex with c'mons or caresses

Genital Time!

Making love is kind of crazy if you stop to think about it too long

How Women Own, Name & become Comfortable with their Genitals

Little girls can be told they are stinky, and even without looking, grow up believing their genitals are ugly. How grown women can love their genitals for greater sexual happiness.

Prostate Cancer and Sexuality

Personal and up close: who wants dread news?

Married Sex is Risky Business—Part 2

Let your inhibitions run wild!

Risky Business—Part 1

Long-term eroticism demands risks relationally and sexually

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Staying vulnerable to our partner’s autonomy keeps desire alive.

The Quarter Report

Recently a young woman friend in her twenties sent me a short phone text regarding her reunion with a boyfriend. "Hot sex!" was all it said. "Same here!" I thought after 25 years.