Does She Want Emotional Connection Before She Wants Sex?

A man complained that his wife didn’t want to have sex unless she felt emotionally connected to him. He had no idea what she was talking about.

5 Resolutions for an Erotic Marriage

The number one resolution for New Years is to “get fit.” The body life in our marriage is our sex life. Not just sex but sex imbued with meaning, desire and romance.

Are Your Partner's Rules Ruining Your Sex Life?

Sexual boundaries protect our special commitment. Sex rules, on the other hand, are often unspoken and usually limit sex.

6 Myths About Pleasing a Woman in Bed

It’s difficult to please a woman if she doesn't reveal her pleasure secrets. Myths about what she turns her on and what turns her off create untold anxiety. Here's the truth:

5 Tricks for Hotter Summer Sex

Five research-based ideas for heating up your sex life this summer.

12 Strategies to Sexually Survive Breast Cancer

Beating cancer means being and feeling alive and having hope. Beating breast cancer means that and feeling like a fully-alive female and sexual being.

Five Strategies to Prevent a Sex Addiction Crisis at Work

Disaster! 6:13 p.m., manager Trisha Woodard stops into her vice president’s office for discussion, interrupting him looking at his iPhone and, well.... Save your company now!

The Khan Academy of the Cl*toris

Is your New Year's resolution - be better in bed? Do you wonder: How do I make her want to have sex more often? What makes a woman have an orgasm? How do I tell him what I like?

Seven Dos and Don'ts for the Perfect New Year's Eve Kiss

Kissing is the most difficult sex act. Make the ritualized New Year's Eve kiss a symbol of your commitment. Here's seven dos and don'ts to make it perfect:

How You Can Stop the Next Terrorist

Like most of the world, I felt fearful, angry and initially, powerless, as the news of the terrorism in Paris emerged. I asked myself, what can I do to stop terrorism? What can one person do to stop the madness? The answer came - plenty.

Garner, Affleck, Marital Therapy, and Divorce

The tabloids exploded with curiosity and innuendo of terrible trouble once Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were discovered going to a marital therapist. Now with a pending divorce, people’s worst fears are confirmed. Apparently if your spouse suggests therapy, it is a last ditch effort or a way to tell you it’s over. So teaches Hollywood. But is it?

Games to Cure Common Sex Problems

Too fast or too slow. Premature ejaculation for men and anorgasmia (no orgasm) for women are the two most common sexual problems. Solve them with psychological sex games.

Resolution for a Better Sex Life in 1 Weekend, 3 Commitments

How many times have you wished for a better sex life? Resolve with these concrete suggestions to make in happen in the new year! Prioritize your intimate life, fine-tune what works and expand your sexual repertoire. Here’s your step-by-step instructions to recommit to and re”vamp” the bedroom!

Sexlessness - the Anti-Magi Gift

He sold his pocket watch to buy her combs for her hair; she sold her hair to buy a chain for his pocket watch. The lovers discerned their partner’s secret desire and gave up their own most precious possession to secure the other’s happiness. Sexlessness is the opposite dynamic; each spouse figures out what the other most needs and withholds it.

How to Solve the ONLY Sex Fight

It may seem like we fight over different sexual issues–frequency, quality, involvement, variety, morning or evening time–but it all boils down to one central struggle.
7 Reasons She's Not in Orgasmic Heaven

7 Reasons She's Not in Orgasmic Heaven

Orgasm is the sexual carrot. It’s the big bang in our tiny universe. Feeling desire is exquisite but pining without satisfaction for the long run is frustrating. Without it, a woman will stop becoming easily aroused. Her desire will extinguish. No big bang means sex is no big deal. Here are 7 reasons she doesn't come:
The 4 Hidden Reasons Some Men Don't Want Sex

The 4 Hidden Reasons Some Men Don't Want Sex

Beautiful, fit, desirable, and desiring women make sex therapy appointments to complain about husbands who don't want sex. Why? Here are four reasons and resolutions.

Fantasies—Dirty or Spicy?

Patients often tell me their wild sexual fantasies... sometimes before they become wild sexual escapades. Thinking about illicit, taboo acts can be super-erotic. It's almost the juxtaposition of the erotic against it's shadow, the good against the bad, that makes it come alive and feel enlivening to us.

Love, Hate, and Bat-sh*t Crazy in Marriage

I love and hate my husband. Shocked? There are things about him which I can't tolerate and end up having to just ignore. And I don't mean just that he doesn't pick up his socks (which he doesn't.) I know he feels the same way. For many years, he's called those parts he hates - the alien. One morning he woke, he says, looked across the bed and saw her - the alien.

5 How-To Tips for Changing Your Sex Life

But how does the daddy sperm meet the mommy egg, Mommy?" asked my sweet 4 year-old. My clients ask, "But HOW do I change my sex life?" People feel so frustrated when their requests fail to spur their partner to action. They've nagged, asked, been nice, been mad, demanded, yelled, cried, and gone silent.

What would Pink Viagra Do For You?

Have you ever said to your gynecologist, “Don’t you have a pill to make me feel horny again?” Women are like Porsches with broken starters. We have amazing sexual capacity, enjoy sex once we get started, have high octane orgasms, but sexual urgency is often missing once we’re married or in long-term relationship. Big Pharma help is on its way with Pink Viagra.

What's My Problem? How You Can Change Your Sex Life

Sexual problems are maintained between 2 people. High/low, kinky/vanilla, softer/harder, erotic/dull desire – whatever the differences… people can’t resolve sexual issues because of the speck/log problem. We can see what our partner is doing wrong. The question we need to ask is, “What am I doing (or not doing) that gets in the way of a satisfying sex life?”
The Ultimate Sex Game

The Ultimate Sex Game

Sexual frequency differences are a stubborn problem in couples pledged to monogamy. Fun and games are the opposite of the serious deadlock when you’ve been fighting over something so intimate with someone so unfeeling. But game theory can help solve the problem. Play this game…

6 Musts for a Perfect Valentine’s Day

You think Valentine’s Day is a commercial opportunity designed by vendors? Think again, if your spouse doesn’t agree. If you miss the world-is-observing-love-for-a-whole-day without marking the love in your relationship, regardless or your sentiments, you will be saying, “I don’t care enough about us to put in a modicum of effort.” For the unbeliever...
I Feel Too Fat for Sex

I Feel Too Fat for Sex

Compare the number of women you know with a healthy acceptance of their imperfect body to the number you know who are scathingly critical of every flaw. Women often have a concrete equation in their heads – sexy does as sexy is. Whether objectively attractive, a partner’s good opinion notwithstanding, a poor female body image slams libido shut.

5 Ways to Change the Sheets on the Same Bed

Resolutions to change your sex life instead of changing your partner!

The Twelve Nights of Christmas

Traditionally, Christmas begins on the 25th of December not the day after Thanksgiving. To help make our season bright in the bedroom, I offer 12 thematic ideas as sexy advice.

Sleeping with the Ghost of Christmas Past

The holidays crystallize for us those critical moments when we didn’t get what we wanted or needed from our past relationships and families of origin. Frank and Amanda had gone from having sex once every three months to twice a week. He expressed his doubt about the change, “Even though we are having sex more, it still seems like she doesn’t really want it or me."

I Never Want to Have Sex Again

The most frequent phone call to my office begins with these 7 dismaying words. Even young women say this. Hot women say this. In fact about 40 million women feel this. They all can’t be too busy for sex. Have you told your husband this? Has your wife told you this? Here’s how to analyze what’s going on.

A Lower Libido Woman's Six Secrets

She doesn’t want it as much as you and she can’t explain why. Dread – maybe she has low libido. Or maybe because men and women experience the rhythm of their body’s desire-arousal-orgasm cycle as an absolute truth, there is simply misunderstanding. Here’s a video explaining some gender differences to help keep sex in synch!