Your Social Life: Are You a Fox or a Hedgehog?

Is Facebook and other social media selecting for the fox social life over the hedgehog?

What Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In Gets Right...

....Talented young women seem to be operating under a sad, new plight. I’m inclined to call it premature realism, or hypothetical angst....

Google: 1; Erudition: 0

...My Oxford English Dictionary informs me that my adolescent dream of being "erudite" is considered to be “now somewhat rare, exc. in sarcastic use...”
My Electric Toothbrush's Nervous Breakdown...

My Electric Toothbrush's Nervous Breakdown...

I live in a web of domestic technologies about which I have no intuition. This can't be good.

Valentine's Day: Its Gory, Unromantic Secret History

Valentine's Day didn't start out as a celebration of love or romance and, even when it became that, it always had its satirical, cynical alter ego...

The Search Engine of Love: How Fast Is It?

When Google produces search results in under half a second, are we coming to expect similar "efficiency" in mate selection?

Love, Love Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

A new book defends love as a "tenacious adventure," and quite different from the simulacrum of love we have today.

Testing the Bottom of Our Humanity

Market reports sometimes use the phrase “testing the bottom.” It’s when a major index flirts with a new low, below which it will not fall. It seems to me we’ve been testing the bottom of our humanity in the past two days.

The Unbearable Randomness of Memory

In the memory archive of a relationship, we often recall random, snapshot moments, as well as the familiar milestones. But why?

Our 'Over-Sugared' Lives on Facebook

Social media gives us sometimes thoughtless, rude content that gets engraved in the indelible "permanent record" online.

The Athlete Mixed Marriage

When he's an athlete, and you're not (or vice versa)
'Cool' in the Time of Twitter

'Cool' in the Time of Twitter

In the fast metabolism of the wired, social media era, we increasingly value things for their timeliness, not their timelessness.

Overrated (and Underrated) Things in Life

They say that these things SHOULD make me happy, but...
Embrace the Cringe

Embrace the Cringe

...Cringe moments comprise the anti-resume of a life, the story of missteps and social embarrassments. It's good to share, and hear, about them once in a while...

A Mommy Life, Unmodified

Have you noticed how “Mommy” has become an adjective? I find this both perplexing and troubling.

Revenge of the Weiner, and Our Mock Shock Media

At some point the political media seems to have undergone a collective naïve-ification. Or, call it a “wordliness-ectomy,” by which we lost whatever cool acceptance or understanding we might have once possessed...
As “All” As It Gets: Confessions of Someone Who Thinks She Has it All

As “All” As It Gets: Confessions of Someone Who Thinks She Has it All

I look at the lives of many of my 40-something friends, and they look like "all" to me. How much more all do we want, or expect?...

Does This Mug Comes with Boobs or Balls?

The weaker and less relevant gender roles get, the more marketers gender everything from rakes to pencils.

What a Wedding Merchants’ Convention Taught Me about Marriage

I’ve always suspected, to paraphrase an adage from evolutionary science, that the marriage replicates the wedding. The wedding’s style is a germinal expression of the marriage to come, its strengths, vulnerabilities, and dreams.

18 Ways That Social Media and Technology Might Change Your Love Life (Part 2 of 2)

How Facebook and online social media might change romance and our love lives, part two.

18 Ways That Social Media and Technology Might Change Your Love Life Part 1 of 2

In honor of Facebook's IPO, I’m brainstorming about how social media might be existentially changing our romantic lives and intimacy. Here’s the first installment...

One Secret to a 60 Year Marriage

My parents embraced modernity; modernity rewarded them. They lived comfortably and joined the middle class. They were able to put all three of their children through four-year colleges, and took deserved pride in that.

One Good Thing About a Car

Conversations between parent and child seem to go better in a car...

For a Better Marriage, Find Some Couple-Friends

Do you and your partner have “couple friends” — other couples that you socialize with as a couple? Have you thought about their role in your marriage? It may be more important than you think.

Jealousy, Beauty, and Trolls

Is jealousy a factor in women's friendships and work relationships with each other?

The Attack of the 500-(Square)-Foot Bathroom

One in four Americans spends more than an hour a day in the bathroom. Here are some possible reasons why...

The Inappropriate World

At some point in the last decade or two, “inappropriate” migrated from the realm of manners to the realm of morals. In my youth, inappropriate behavior would mean, say, using the wrong spoon for your soup, or some other etiquette peccadillo. But no longer...

Is a "Marriage of Convenience" So Bad?

You probably know a marriage of convenience. Some of them are of the mildly depressed variety. The partners don't appear to have much of a connection, and they've probably contemplated divorce, but decided to stay together, perhaps because of parental duty, or for the comforts of habit, or just because they can't sell their home or afford to divorce.