Even Vegans Die: Life Lessons for Everyone

No one should feel guilty for getting sick. I wish someone told me that when I faced a cancer diagnosis in my twenties.

Will Urine Be the Next Number One Crisis?

Unverified reports about Trump made a big splash. It's a golden opportunity to discuss the links between urinary tract infections, antibiotics, and factory farming.

Why the Ice Bucket Challenge is a Step Backwards for Science

It often feels good to be part of a community that comes together to raise money for charity. But when the fundraising proceeds are used to support flawed medical research, our efforts can actually undermine scientific progress and push potential cures further out of reach. Let's consider the science.

Does the Caveman Within Tell You How to Invest?

Humans are sentient beings and respond to their environment, including changes in daylight through the seasons. With the changes in the seasons come changes in individuals' willingness to hold risk and their willingness to save versus consume. This has important implications for investors and financial markets overall.

450-Pound "Wonder" Pig Inspires Change

Esther was adopted as a "mini-pig" but soon grew to 450 pounds. Her family was dismayed to learn that she had been bred to become bacon, and this became a catalyst for profound change among her closest family members and people around the world. Esther has inspired a quest to create a sanctuary for other animals otherwise intended for human consumption.

Dilbert Does Behavioral Economics

Dilbert comic strips offer insights into many topics in investing and behavioral economics, including overconfidence, confirmation bias, framing, prospect theory, and the winner's curse.
Daylight-Saving Time Changes, Anxiety, & Investing

Daylight-Saving Time Changes, Anxiety, & Investing

It's daylight-saving time change season. Do you know how your portfolio is doing?

Picture Yourself With More Money Tomorrow

Preparing for financial security in retirement typically requires spending less today in order to save more for tomorrow, but human nature makes such sacrifices difficult to adhere to. Researchers have discovered that simply viewing a photographic depiction of yourself in the future can help you plan better for retirement today.

Let's Quit Monkeying Around

Economics may be the dismal science, but that is no excuse for neuroeconomists to employ ghastly and often misleading animal testing methods in their studies. A novel research study that gave canines rights equivalent to those normally granted to human study participants raises challenging questions and suggests researchers ought to aim to meet a higher standard.