The Errors in "13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do"

The wildly popular "13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do" may inspire but it is as likely to weaken its adherents as it is to make them stronger.

The Real Psychology of Stock Market Highs

Stock Market Highs - Don't Let the Experts Scare You

A New Year - a New View of the Mind

Consciousness itself equals how we FEEL.

Bad Behavior in Business

A few thoughts about capitalism

Elections and the Stock Market's Head

Economics is the product of rules and beliefs.

A NFL Defensive Workhorse—Would You Believe Fear?

Even NFL players confront relentless anxiety.

Jonah Lehrer's Ironic Imagination

Does it strike anyone else as ironic that Jonah Lehrer wrote a book entitled How We Decide and then went on to make the stupendously reprehensible decision to fabricate material in a book called Imagine?

Anyone's Anger & Your Economic Future

Anger, deftly dealt with, can turn into income.

How Do Our Minds Really Work?

It's time for a whole new integrated view of ourselves.

Jamie & JPM's Actual Problem

Firing people won't do any good. The social war games are already on.

1995, a '99 Tech Bubble, or a Currency War?

Apple appears to be done for.

The Traders' Market Mind—Fear, Happiness, Depression, and Success

He might be responsible for moving a billion dollars but he often lives day and night full of fright.

Feelings Matter—Even in Investing Decisions

It's a neuroscientific fact that we need emotion to make a decision. If we don't have it, even the simplest choices end up in a never-ending loop of pros and cons. It's the emotion that conveys the meaning of something.

DOW 13K, What Does It Mean?

Markets are way less a numbers game than you think.

Voting Rick or Mitt Needs to Be a Risk-Management Decision

The last thing electing Romney or Santorum should be about is anyone's sex life.

3 Things to Know About the Psychology of Playing the Markets

Anyone can better at investing once they realize it is first and foremost a psychological game.