Sex and the iPhone

What do sex and iPhones have in common?

An Alternate Reality

What can we learn from someone living in somewhat of an 'alternate reality'?

The Pickle

What does a pickle have to do with neuroscience?

What Do Donald Trump and OJ Simpson Have in Common?

Neuroscientific trends are represented throughout history.

The Art of Persusasion

A simple set of psychological principles can ensure that you always get your own way.

Of Two Minds

What is the most direct route to changing behavior?
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Changing Minds at Uber

How can Uber pull itself out of this hole? A simple neuroscientific strategy could be the answer to their problems.

The Science of Suffering Fools Gladly

The key to success in business is the ability to strategically manage our relationships with other people, and the latest discoveries of neuroscience teach us how.

The Best Way to Punish Is Not to

Mentorship may just be the key to improving business performance. If each of us realizes our full potential, so will our organizations.

The Neuroscience of Singles Bars

Why men and women in singles bars grow more attractive as the night goes on

What Leaders Can Learn From Country Western Music

Given that the mind works through stories, great leaders can be thought of as storytellers, replacing our current version of events with a more aspirational one. The key is to communicate the story as powerfully as possible, and country western music may just have at thing or two to teach about how to do that.

Don't Read This

Getting people to do what you want them to

'Tis the Season for Reviews. Bah, Humbug!

Some liken the annual performance appraisal to a root canal, but I think it's much more like Japanese Kabuki theater. The actors in this ritual go through predetermined stylized motions, and it's often hard to find any direct connection to reality.

In the Company of a Hero

The quarterly business review is not a time for celebration if you haven't made your numbers, and he had missed by a long shot.

Lady Gaga's Leadership Lesson

Leaders must attract attention, but they need a subtler approach than a rock star and a more positive one than an alpha display...

Why Football Players Pat Each Other on the Butt and Other Leadership Lessons

We hear often of inspiring speeches in the locker room, but they're a rare occurrence in the conference room.


Today, we would never subject sentient beings to such cruel treatment except, perhaps, in the business world.

Googling Evil

Then there are the stupefying power point presentations, with endless slides following one another like drips in a Chinese water torture.

Changing the Mind of the Mule

A farmer was enormously proud of his mule and constantly bragged to his neighbors how obedient it was. "All you have do is ask politely, and it will do whatever you want."

The Bankers Ate the Marshmallow

The emotions business people try so hard to repress might just be the key to increasing their profits.