James Coplan, MD

Perfectionism, Part 2

Do you have gremlins below decks, countermanding the captain's orders?

The 8-Ball from Hell of ASD: Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a dilemma with two prongs: the self-imposed need to get things exactly right, and self-inflicted criticism in the face of inevitable failure.

Two Minutes to Wapner

"If our son isn't doing what he wants, when he wants, than all bets are off." What to do when the problem is not "disobedience," but cognitive rigidity and anxiety.

Cognitive Rigidity: The 8-Ball From Hell

Cognitive Rigidity (difficulty changing mental sets) is a core feature of Autism Spectrum Disorder, and is commonly associated with a suite of challenging traits.
James Coplan, MD

Autism: Epidemic or Explosion? (And Why It Matters)

Are we truly living in the age of autism? Making sense of the numbers.
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Separating Fact From Fiction in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. Especially where autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is concerned.

Removing the Ring of Power

Removing the Ring of Power

023. Behaviorism, Part 3: O. Ivar Lovaas and ABA

Behaviorists set up the environment to include an antecedent condition and a consequence, that are likely to increase or decrease the likelihood of occurrence of the specified behavior.

022. Marc Gold: Unsung hero

We spend much of our time doing what any five year old could be trained to do.

021. Behaviorism, part 2. BF Skinner

There is no escape from a Skinner Box

020. Thorndike & Watson: Founding fathers of behaviorism

Psychology... is a purely objective experimental branch of natural science. Its theoretical goal is the prediction and control of behavior. Introspection forms no essential part of its methods. JB Watson

019. Shifting Gears

Time to shift gears

018. ASD: Still searching for a home in the brain

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

017 Losing the ASD diagnosis does not equal "Cure"

Losing the diagnosis of ASD does not equal "Cure"

016 Known causes of ASD

 It's all about subsets

015 Whom to trust

The Usual Childhood Diseases, and why they aren't so usual any more.

014 Close encounters of the first and second kind

Close encounters of the first and second kind.

011 Ground Rules

Sincerity is always subject to proof.

010 No Autism Epidemic - Part 3 (more data)

Where there's a will, there's a way.

009 No autism epidemic - Part 3

Back to the Future!

008 No autism epidemic - Part 2

In 1990 the Federal Government placed a bounty on children with ASD.

007 No autism epidemic - Part 1

You can't get a speeding ticket for having a full tank of gas.

006 Not Quite Autism: At the borderland of ASD

Not Quite Autism, but still atypical

005 ASD in 3D: Adding Time to the Picture

 The warmer the water, the faster the ice melts.

004 Atypicality, IQ, and Diagnostic Categories

 In order to understand a child's developmental diagnosis, one needs to look at both IQ and atypicality.

003 ASD and IQ

Why some children with ASD do better than others