How to Be Grateful for Not-So-Great Dads

With Father's Day approaching and blogs abuzz about what makes the quintessential dad, or top ‘pop’ gifts, what about those who have not-so-great dads? Is it possible for them to appreciate a holiday dedicated to fathers? Let’s get real and accept that mediocre or “bad” dads exist and consider this for a second: can one be thankful for a terrible father?

Mother Knows Best: Appreciating Mom for Helping Us Thrive

Surprising findings from neuroscience about ways that mothers truly makes us better people. Appreciate mom today not just for the little things she does day in and day out but for the bigger reason: She connects you to your better angels more than you think. Knowing this is not only something to be grateful for but it will put you on your best path too. Thanks Mom!

To Stay Grateful Put Your Mouth Where the Meaning Is

To stay grateful this holiday season and beyond, express thanks like this!

Give Gratitude, Give Love

Gratitude is the social glue that bonds people together.

Unexpected Lessons in Gratitude and Character for Teens

When partying and social media invite teens to shameless vandalism, it's time to introduce a teachable moment.

Gratitude and Community Go Hand in Hand

We each try to cope with daily challenges, often alone, and forget to consider the social ties that may matter in the long run for children.