Generating self-esteem, positive thinking, and other improvements

Has previous advice on how to improve yourself failed? Repeatedly? While this can be discouraging, it does not mean you are doomed to your present situation. You really can think more positively, lose weight, be more assertive, and whatever else it is that you want to do to be happier. The first step is locating a map for how to get there. Fortunately, that map to improvement is already inside of you.

Getting Advice? Here's how to make it work

 Are you unhappy? Want to be thinner? Stop smoking? Be more assertive? Have better self-esteem?...Want to finally make that change, now?Well, I can't tell you exactly how to do it (as so many people and programs claim to do), but maybe I can help you to make better use of the advice that's already out there... perhaps even advice that's previously failed to work for you.First, a little background... 

The power of positive thinking; put in perspective

Think happy thoughts is common wisdom that many people rely on for getting through feelings of depression, and painful or difficult situations. Often, people try to be happy when they're not; hoping that they will become the happy person they're impersonating.

Finding the right path to change

  Research can help narrow the choices.