The Key to Genuine Success

You know you have attained genuine success when you have achieved your goals and enjoy life. If what you do in your career or other aspects of life leave you feeling empty or uncomfortable with yourself, then it's time to make a change.

Start Today: Feel More Satisfied with Life

Caring, kindness and generosity are the sunshine that can nurture beauty and well-being in yourself and those around you. Commit to them and commit to a happier future. It's simple; and here's how...

When Guilt is Good... and When It's Misplaced

Guilt can be good and appropriate. However, too frequently, people have a misplaced and unnecessary sense of guilt; a feeling they can end, freeing up more energy to help themselves and others.

Personal Change: Realistic Expectations With Positive Thinking

If there were a real psychological mirror you could look into as you assess your personal abilities (much like your car’s side mirror), it would likely have the following message etched in small letters at the bottom: Caution: You may not be as capable as you appear.

Nurture Happiness With Four Life-Changing Considerations

Self-awareness and compassion are often what’s needed for people to make personal changes within themselves and to lead a happy life. People naturally respond to their personal struggles with caring; and with a desire to come through them and to heal.

See Your Imperfect Self As Precious

Do you experience your struggles, mistakes, and imperfections as proof that you are lesser as a person? If so, consider learning to see your flawed self as wonderful.

Your Pay Raise: Does It Feel Like A Good Thing?

Some people are made less happy by a raise in pay. If you are one of those people, here are five paths to happiness.

Stand Up To Self-Bullying

Do you think of yourself as a nice and caring person to others; yet simultaneously criticize and push yourself mercilessly? Instead of continuing this self-destructive behavior, consider learning to treat yourself as well as you treat others; particularly when you are struggling or distressed.

The Right Questions Can Increase Life Satisfaction

"That’s just the way I am." This one belief is responsible for preventing innumerable people from feeling fulfilled. It imprisons them in lives where happiness is dictated by circumstance. But you can challenge this and create a more satisfying life by asking yourself the right questions.
Move Past Your Distress to a Happier Future

Move Past Your Distress to a Happier Future

With desperation, new patients often ask: "How can I get out of this pain?" Or, sometimes: "Can I get out of this pain?" In finally acquiescing to getting help, they learn what is true for us all—that the only way past chronic emotional pain is to go through it. Here's how to do it.

How to Feel Good When Things Go Bad

Life’s twists and turns can be scarier than any rollercoaster ride out there. Whether you are faced with a lost job, failed health, or personal rejection, such a blow can knock you off your feet. And you might find it almost impossible to get up, never mind feel good about moving on. But, you can get yourself up and back on a good path with self-affirmation.

Surviving And Thriving Through Adversity

The toe of my boot caught the door jam. SLAM. And, that was all it took to turn my immediate future upside down, in so many ways... Through it all, I have been reminded of, and have learned, some important lessons.

The One Word That Can Spur You On to Success

This past weekend, I attended a children’s orchestral program during which the conductor – Thomas Wilkins – emoted in a lively way about music. He also shared one of his favorite words, “yet.” As he explained it, this word can turn any struggle into hope.
The Power of Positive Thinking Revisited

The Power of Positive Thinking Revisited

People who view the world through rose-colored glasses are wonderfully optimistic, but their look-only-at-the-positive attitude sometimes sets them up for painful failure. A better way of using positive thinking is to focus on yourself – not your abilities or accomplishments – and to work toward an appreciation of you for just being who you are.

Dr. King and Inner Healing

As Dr. King said, “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” This is just as true when that enemy is harbored within.

Make Your New Year's Resolutions Stick

Each time we change to a new calendar, people resolve to do all sorts of things. Unfortunately, these promises inevitably involve setbacks along the way; and so require perseverance. As the Japanese proverb says, “Fall seven times, get up eight.” While this sounds great – very motivational – it does not tell you how to do it.

The Best Gift Ever

The best gift you can ever give those who love you is a healthy you. Sounds hokey (and selfish), right? Well, consider this: If your friends really are your friends, they will want you to be at your best and to be able to enjoy your company when you are at your best; and you will want to be fully there for them when they need you.
Preparing for Thanksgiving... And a Healthier, Happier You

Preparing for Thanksgiving... And a Healthier, Happier You

Both personal experience and science tell you that being truly appreciative of the blessings or good fortune in your life is good for you. Here's exactly how it benefits you, and how you can increase your gratitude.

The First Step to Meeting Your Personal Goal

No matter your goal, personal change must include being able to manage your feelings; something psychologists often call affect regulation. Learn to manage your feelings, and you can achieve the "new you" that you strive for.

Quieting Fears of Personal Rejection

Social relationships can bring a sense of connection, happiness, and meaning to our lives. Unfortunately, for many people, they bring anxiety and worry; not to mention loneliness. Though it might feel out of reach, there are ways for them to nurture happy, healthy relationships.

How To Be More Compassionate Toward Yourself

Stop self-criticism by responding more compassionately to yourself. You can do it simply by understanding your thoughts, validating your feelings, and finally responding with a more compassionate alternative.

Stop Self-Criticism With Compassionate Self-Awareness

When the direct approach to getting rid of self-critical thoughts fails to work, there's no need to give up. Try refocusing on increasing compassionate self-awareness. Here's what that means and how you can do it.

How to Stop the Self-Criticism and Feel Better About You

Some very good cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) strategies can help you reduce self-criticism; and by doing so, improve self-confidence and self-esteem. When these strategies fall short, compassionate self-awareness can take you the rest of the way.

Open Your Mind And Say Ahhh

Self-awareness is an important part of developing an acceptance of who you are now, and making personal changes for who you would like to be in the future. Though not for everyone, meditation is one way to increase self-awareness. However, many people dismiss the idea without knowing what they are rejecting.
Those Darned Emotions! They can't be out-talked

Those Darned Emotions! They can't be out-talked

So many people come to see me puzzled by their emotional state. When upset, they tell themselves how to proceed and that their emotions are irrational, unproductive, and unnecessary. Yet, they remain depressed, anxious, or distressed. What they don’t realize is that this kind of self-talk can be like speaking English to someone who only speaks Chinese.

Change Your Attachment Style To Light Up Your Life

When it’s pitch black, you are likely to trip over obstacles in your path. This is as true for your psychological life as it is for your physical one. People’s way of connecting with others is one important unseen cause of problems in their lives. Here's how you can turn the light on; and stop tripping.

Learning Your Attachment Style Can Light Up Your Life

Have you ever walked through your home when it’s pitch black and stumbled over something? Most likely, you would have stepped over that shoe or walked around that box if the lights were on. But they weren’t. The same thing happens for us psychologically. And one of the invisible obstacles is our style of relating to others.

Sit In The Belly Of Your Personal Dragon

A long time ago, in the middle of a great countryside, there was a village terrorized by a dragon. A young knight came to its rescue, charging the dragon on his trusted steed. But before he could even get close...

How to feel good - or at least stop feeling bad

We would all be like the population of Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon – “where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.” Instead, we are imperfect and always a work in progress. But this can be an exciting adventure as long as you continue to move in the direction of growth.

"User's Guide" to Personal Change

Learn what really needs to happen for you to improve.