Common Downfalls: Thinking and Feeling Too Much

Powerful emotions can throw people off balance, leaving them to be overwhelmed or to overly control their emotions. Neither style works well—balancing them offers a better way.

Feel Like a Repeating Train Wreck? Learn to See It Coming

Learning when shift out of autopilot and reflect on situations can make the difference between feeling good in yourself and your relationships, and feeling “like a train wreck.”

Feeling Stuck, Lost or Overwhelmed? There is Hope

Some people are better at managing life’s many challenges. You can learn to be one of those people by developing your ability to mentalize.

Why Avoiding Life’s Big Questions is Not a Good Choice

You live life in the details of each day, but you build strength and happiness by confronting life’s big questions.

Become a Better You: Here’s How

An effective template for personal growth can help you prepare yourself for the arduous journey and properly map your path.

Make Change Happen

You want to change – lose weight, be happier, be different in some way. With the right plan and inner motivation, you can make it happen!

How to Get Past Fears, Setbacks and Failures

It’s easy to be self-critical and feel demoralized in response to fears, setbacks, and failures. But you can choose a different path of feeling stronger and achieving your goals.

What to Do When You Feel Like a Failure

When you hold a negative image of yourself, every mistake or setback can feel like proof that you will fail. But nurturing self-acceptance can help keep you on the path of success.

Want to Better Yourself? Start Here

Goals are easy to set, but can feel near impossible to meet. Learn to use self-awareness to harness your inner power to change.

Prepare Yourself for Change in 4 Basic Steps

By recognizing your unspoken hesitations about achieving your goals, you can address them and prepare yourself to create the change you want.

Finding Peace and Happiness in Your Busy World

Modern life often moves at a hectic pace with little time to relax. Learning to balance the activity with inner calm can help you discover greater contentment and inner peace.

A Simple Way to Be Happier, Healthier, and More Successful

Inadequate sleep may be undermining you in ways you don’t realize, or don’t take seriously. The solution is simple; if only you’d give it a try.

Feel Good About Your Eating and Your Weight

You can lose excess weight and keep it off by changing your relationship with your body. You can do it by becoming more compassionately self-aware.

Meet Any Challenge With This Tip

If fear of or embarrassment from making mistakes stops you in your tracks, it's time to harness your inner resources.

Don't Scratch That Itch! How to Stop Ruminating

When an unwanted thought follows you like a stalker – unwilling to leave you alone – there is a way to lose it. You just need to learn how.

When Gratitude Works; and When It Doesn't

Many people find that gratitude helps them to savor life. The secret lies in what they choose to be grateful for and how willing they are to open themselves up.

Develop This Trait to Become a Successful, Confident Person

You can learn to be a successful person personally and professionally by nurturing benevolent curiosity.

Why No One Deserves Your Compassion More Than You Do

Combining self-compassion with criticism of your actions, not yourself, can help you achieve success.

Social Media Fosters Insecurity: How to Overcome It

Social media and the internet can make you feel inferior… if you let it.

Do This When You Want to Quit

When you feel like you might as well give up, it’s time to reconsider your situation. Despite how you feel, you can move forward… even if not in the direction you expected.

Love and the Fear of Loss

Love is magnificent to experience and incredibly painful to lose. This very reality may leave you guarded against love; but you have the power to open back up to it.

The Key to Unlocking Your Happiness

Want to feel happier in your life? Begin by becoming an expert in yourself and in what it is to be human.

Five Ways to Help Become Your Ideal Self

Disappointed or unhappy with yourself? You don’t need to live with that feeling. With the proper perspective on your daily life, you can learn how to be closer to your ideal self.

Save Yourself from Loneliness

The irony of feeling alone in the world is that you are in good company. By learning to have self-compassion for this very human dilemma, you can reconnect with world around you.

The Secret to a Fulfilling Life

You can make your life exciting and fulfilling, leaving boredom behind. It will take effort and courage. But it is a choice that you can make.

Overcome Feeling Like a Fraud or Failure

Success often brings unexpected anxieties and feelings of being a fraud. When this happens, you may press for more accomplishments or accolades. But this only seems to perpetuate your anxieties. Despite what it seems, there is a way out of the seemingly unending self-doubt and self-criticism.

Fear Failure? Here’s a Note to Your Inner Critic

You, like many people, might motivate yourself by being self-critical. You might expect that you need to do this to succeed. But what if you're wrong? What if you're hurting more than helping yourself?

What to Do When Life Hurts

Adversity can cut deep, like a psychic dagger. The pain is real, and the psychic scar can last a lifetime. While you probably wouldn’t choose adversity, you can choose how to respond to it. You can choose to listen to what it has to teach and to be better in some way for the lessons it offers.

How to Beat Boredom

People can feel imprisoned by their boredom. They are stuck in feeling restless and unmotivated with no hope of finding freedom. But there is a way out. Much like any prison break, your way out is to begin by tunneling down.

Personal Growth 101: Letting Go of Self-Improvement

Too often striving to be a better person means rejecting the person you are. This can be demoralizing and undermine your motivation to make changes. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you value who you are AND strive to improve, you will flourish as a person.