The Strange Power of "None of the Above"

There are a lot of times when we are deciding what to do, and we must make a choice between two (or more) options. Often, there is an unstated alternative: choosing none of the above. It doesn’t seem like it should matter, but new research suggests that “none of the above" actually has important consequences, and its mere presence can help us work harder and longer.

The Incredibly Heavy Burden of Guilt

There's been a lot of work showing, incredibly, that some of the metaphors linking physical states to mental states, like physical warmth translating into social warmth, might literally be true. A new paper expands on this, showing that a sense of physical heaviness is related to feelings of guilt, but more importantly, it seems to show why.

Sometimes the Thought That Counts Comes Too Late

The story of how I bought my girlfriend a trashcan for her birthday, and why bad gifts are seen very differently by givers and receivers.

The IKEA Effect: Why We Cherish Things We Build

Making something yourself, even pre-built furniture from IKEA, is more satisfying than you'd think.

Despite What You Might Have Heard, Psychology is Science

The recent reports of fraud, accusations of bias, and public debate about the status of psychology as a real science point to a field in a state of flux. And that's a good thing.