For many people, the bombings in Boston mean that life will never be the same again. Victims, families and community institutions will all suffer from posttraumatic stress.

Families who lost members in the Oklahoma bombing are recreating their horror; echoes of this tragedy ripple through circles of other communities, bringing back memories and pain

We must all learn to live with uncertainty now. We must learn to stare into the abyss and discover resiliency and strength.

Perhaps now we may understand more how people other countries live with this every day. And we can imagine that intermittent reinforcement of yet other bombings brings exponentially greater insecurity and fear.

Israel is one country that has developed extraordinary methods to work with trauma and PTSD. It has a lot to teach us about developing resiliency in the school system, supporting youth peer counseling and leadership development, prevention of caregiver burnout and compassion fatigue.

Attached below is a link to an article I wrote after being evacuated the summer of 2006 during the war in Lebanon:

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