The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump

Should mental health professionals get involved with diagnosing the president?

Lead by Listening

Most graduation speeches congratulate the graduates, saying something to the effect of: “This is the first day of the rest of your life.” This is not what Dr. Wake advised.
Used with permission: Worcester Telegram & Gazette November 18, 1995

Word Matters

Mind and body are connected; both hateful and compassionate speech affect our bodies, our immune and cardiovascular systems and our brains.

The Power of Dance to Work with Trauma

In this article, Life, Death and Transformation: Keep Moving, three Turkish therapists learn how to use dance to express the affirmation of life in the face of death-

Co-Creating the Beloved: Happy Valentine’s Day

Co-Creating the Beloved: Happy Valentine’s Day, or “Gamble everything for love, if you’re a true human being.
Steve Buttry


The new movie “Spotlight”, about the sexual abuse by priests in Boston and around the world, brought back memories of my work with survivors of that abuse.

How to Begin Life Again?

Can trauma and transformative healing be responsibly portrayed in movie entertainment?

The Pressure to Re-Invent Yourself in the Third Act

The Pressure to Re-Invent Yourself in the Third Act: Ending the Cycle of Stress
Emily Jackson, used with permission

Finding Mr. Right

Can we find our real partner in an online dating app? How do we judge another’s qualities, how do we describe ourselves, and can online dating lead to a real-world relationship? Online dating can lead to profound questions about identity, authenticity, loneliness and solitude, illusion and reality.

Road Rage, Phone Rage, & the Dehumanization of Everyday Life

I wonder if some of the anxieties we may be sensing these days are a vague apprehension of the loss of our humanity?

How a Movement Choir Heals

Studies show that singing can bring enhanced immune function, uplifted mood, and singing with others can enhance relationships, sense of harmony, and being part of something bigger than oneself.

Robin Williams

The outpouring of grief asked how someone who could bring so much joy to so many could also experience such darkness.

The Healing Power of Music

The creative act is a courageous affirmation of life in face of the void or death. From this affirmation of life comes the healing medicine of creation. The need to create, communicate, create coherence, and symbolize is a basic human need.

Child-Free Marriages

Contemplating having children? Wise words from a “child-free marriage"

Broken Hearts are Real

Valerie Trierweiler’s emotional collapse and week-long hospitalization after hearing about her partner Francois Holland’s betrayal with actress Julie Gayett was dramatic, but nevertheless understandable. Liasons with powerful political figures are by definition dramatic, but therefore seductive.

Dancing Away Dementia

Research shows that dancing helps reduce incidence of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Working with aging and its problems and possibilities will be a growing field in the future. Being able to work with these issues by bringing in a wide variety of methodologies is important for healthcare providers.

The Art of Embodiment

Psychology is new to China, and it has been fascinating travelling and teaching there for the past three years. While many in China are importing Western psychology, others are striving to build on indigenous Chinese philosophers, poets, and medicine.

Dance and Psyche

Dance is an ancient and modern form of healing. In this podcast, a talk with Michael Lerner from the Arts and Healing program at Commonweal about the power of dance and embodiment to heal.
Yom Kippur Renewal

Yom Kippur Renewal

It’s so hard to be a good human being! It is the little things, the human relations of everyday life that are hardest to transform. The moments of arrogance, of envy, of inadvertently hurting someone else.

Dance Therapy

Movement is key to life and aging gracefully.

Approaching the DSM-5

With the passage of the DSM-5 today by the American Psychiatric Association, more ordinary and even extraordinary experiences of the human condition become psychopathology. This problem of a psychopathology then needs a solution: increasingly medication and quick fixes.

Boston Bombing

For many people, the bombings in Boston mean that life will never be the same again. Victims, families and community institutions will all suffer from posttraumatic stress.

It's Not All in Your Head!

How many times have you had someone come into your office or heard someone say to you: “There is no organic cause for what you are feeling. It’s all in your head.” Furthermore, you may be advised to find a therapist, stop focusing on yourself, get over it and on with things: “Stop being so sensitive!”

Narratives From The Front

It is hard to imagine trauma and resiliency without hearing the stories of people actually living daily under an existential threat. Below is a description from an American woman, very familiar with Israel, and there during the most recent skirmish. More information about trauma in Israel can be found at the PDF here at

Trauma: Israel and Resiliency

With sudden conflict and its abatement in the Middle East, addressing the trauma that lives in the body becomes ever more necessary and critical for a sustaining a lasting peace.

Response to Jewish New Year—Inner and Outer House

Our Jewish penitential period is more than the Ten Days of Awe...

Jewish New Year—Inner and Outer Housecleaning

This time of year is both holy and horrible, sweet and bitter. We reset our moral compasses for the year to come and begin the year anew.

Aging Gracefully

The decline of the body in aging often brings depression and grief over loss of function, expression, and sense of self. In this keynote talk, given at the Poetics of Aging Conference (Nov 16—19, 2011), I share basic principles of a movement group for elderly, using movement in the expression of feelings to address the existential issues of mortality and meaning.

Transitions: From Corporate Employee to Entrepreneur

In my office on Union Street I see many successful people who are struggling with how to find meaning and value in their work. Some long for more creativity and freedom, and this piece is from one who records his successful transition.

Film Review: A Dangerous Method—A Woman's Perspective

Have you seen the film: "A Dangerous Method"? What is your response?