Social Notwork?

Is virtual contact enough or does our nervous system know the difference? 

Does Oxytocin Not Like the Look of Your Name?

To connect or not to connect...that is the oxytocin question.     


Best friends share more than secrets. They share biology.

The Chinese Are Going to the Dogs--Thank Goodness.

Can dogs keep China from becoming a nation of spoiled brats? The Chinese take a new look at pet-keeping and childrearing.

Scat No More—The Temperamental Journey, From Prey to Predator to Domesticator Extraordinaire

Archeologists digging in a cave in South Africa found prehistoric human hair that may be 250,000 years old. The strands came from the head of someone who was having the ultimate bad hair day. It was found in the fossilized dung of an equally ancient brown hyena.

The Hug Felt Round the World

What happened when Michelle Obama hugged the Queen of England? a. Her hand turned to iceb. The Royal Guard wrestled her to the floorc. Phillip faintedd. The Queen felt a mysterious compulsion to return the gesture

The Biology of the Horse Boy

Horse Boy is the story about how a horse freed a boy from the chains of autism. This post examines why some journeys can still only be made on the back of a horse.

On the Shoulders of Giants

As huge blocks of western culture calve away, The New York Times is waxing nostalgic  for another time of great change in an editorial on horse domestication. At first it may seem downright odd, but their curiosity about the mysterious "something" that allowed humans and horses to merge zeroes in on the only way to survive a changing global climate-cooperation.

Drawing Attention

Start doodling and pay attention! Wait! That's not how it goes. Well, according to psychologist Jackie Andrade, teachers are going to have to change their tune because doodling actually helps keep a bored mind alert and attentive.