The Real Suicide Data from the TADS Study Comes to Light

Recently, Robert Gibbons published a paper in which he claimed, based on his "reanalysis" of the data from studies of fluoxetine in youth, that "treatment with fluoxetine was not found to be related to suicide risk when compared with placebo." David Healy responded, with a reference to new data from the NIMH's Treatment for Adolescents with Depression Study (TADS).

Anatomy of an Epidemic Down Under

In New Zealand and Australia, usage of antidepressants is up . . . and so too the number of disabled mentally ill

The Successful Creation of a Societal Delusion . . . and the Increase in Stigma It Has Spawned

In the era of biological psychiatry, an increase in stigma towards the "mentally ill"

New Rat Study: SSRIs Markedly Deplete Brain Serotonin

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