Polyamory in India: Then and Now

The Ghotul is thought to be a very ancient institution where young people are taught everything from crafts to ethics to farming to the arts of love. In some villages, all the young people, both girls and boys, sleep together at the Ghotul beginning in early puberty, though they still visit with their parents daily. They are given total sexual freedom and are expected to explore intimacy with everyone in the group so that they can learn who they are from the many different reflections. Pairing up is forbidden until adulthood, at which time monogamy is the rule.

Polyamory and Women's Orgasms

While many men fantasize about how wonderful it would be to have two women in bed, many become too excited or too confused to take full advantage of the opportunity in real life.

Nonmarital Sex and the Generation Gap

 My mother ended up choosing the guy who insisted on remaining friendly with his ex-wife instead of joining a triad, but I found the whole situation indicative of a rapidly changing relationship landscape. These shifts are not limited to the younger generation!

What Is Polyamory Really All About?

 The question is no so much whether to love more than one, but whether to have multiple partners sequentially or at the same time.