What's Benadryl Doing to Baby Brains?

A new JAMA study found a connection between dementia and nonprescription sleep aids (considered safe in pregnancy). The study focused on seniors, but what might these findings mean for the brains of fetuses, babies, and children?

Do Garlic Eaters Attract More Lovers?

Are we drawn to the odors of people who eat healthily?
The Case for Having (or Pretending to Have) a Hot Ex

The Case for Having (or Pretending to Have) a Hot Ex

A study finds that people appear much hotter when standing next to a very attractive ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend.

BPA and the Single, Spacey, Sex-Starved Male

Among the many subtle evils of BPA, a chemical used in food packaging, is its effect on manhood. What is it doing on a societal level?

What Mind-Control Chemicals Are in Babies' Tears?

A recent study suggests that tears reduce male aggression in men towards women. Do the chemicals in babies' tears also manipulate us?

At What Age Do Babies Stop Being Irresistibly Adorable?

A new study finds that there's a defined age at which children stop being universally irresistible.

Are Chocolate Lovers Sweeter People?

A new study finds a connection between liking sweets and being sweet

How Might Motherhood Protect Your Brain?

New evidence that hormones from pregnancy and parenting may protect the brain late in life -- under certain conditions
The Real Reason Why the Rhythm Method Doesn't Work?

The Real Reason Why the Rhythm Method Doesn't Work?

Do we drop our eggs at the whiff of a high-testosterone male?

Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies?

The surprising science of pregnancy.

What Does Motherhood Do To Your Image?

How men and women are perceived differently when they become parents

Who Thinks Pregnant Women Are Sexy?

A surprising number of men are sexually aroused by pregnancy. A new study reveals what makes a guy more likely to fetishize a woman's bump.
Are Firstborns Really Brighter?

Are Firstborns Really Brighter?

How can researchers explain why elder siblings score, on average, three points higher on IQ tests than their younger siblings?

Is There a Mommy Gene?

Specific genes influence maternal behavior -- but what does that mean?

For IQ, Does Fish Trump Fish Oil Pills?

The case for why pregnant women should eat fish, not fish oil supplements.

Do Beautiful Babies Become the Most Beautiful Adults?

A new study examines whether attractiveness in infancy is predictive

Assorted Trifles (From the Science of Love, Sex, and Babies)

Research is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to find. An assortment of studies on love, sex, and babies — fresh from the lab.

Is Your Life Shorter if Your Mom Was Stressed?

Why prenatal stress sets a baby's life expectancy clock to tick faster -- or not

How Could You Be Pregnant (For Months) and Not Know It?

A surprising number of women don't know their status until halfway through their pregnancy, or even later. There's an evolutionary explanation.

Do Fish and Coconuts Reverse the Effects of Too Much Stress?

Why a fish-and-coconut diet might lead to happier, healthier babies

Could a Parasite Take Over Our Minds?

When a common single-celled protozoa infects our bodies, it may also affect our brains and behavior

Are Flame Retardants Making Us Dimmer?

Inflammatory new science on a common chemical.

The Real Purpose of Eyebrows?

Who would we be without the hair above our eyes?

Are Extroverts That way Because of Their Fathers?

Have we evolved to rely more on our father's social cues than our mother's?

Are Men Likelier to Cheat When Their Wives are Pregnant?

What can women learn from the world's Weiners?
Why Do Women Get Physically Aroused and Not Even Know It?

Why Do Women Get Physically Aroused and Not Even Know It?

Why physical arousal is not proof that a woman is really turned on

Where Do Demanding, Unweanable Babies Come From?

Why dads make babies demanding and dependent
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How Big Is Your Limbal Ring?

Why the ring around the iris is so attractive