Knowing where your trust comes from can help you direct where it's going.

When Women Use Jealousy

Common knowledge says jealousy always backfires. Common knowledge is wrong.

Why Intimacy Is Hard for Some, and How to Make It Easier

Feeling unlovable, or afraid of loving? The answer could be in your attachment style.

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Do you have an old flame you’ve never stopped thinking about? Here’s how to tell if it was the real deal~and whether to reconnect.

3 Proven Ways a List Can Revolutionize Your Love Life

Most people resist making a list when it comes to finding love. Here's why that's a mistake—and why a few minutes can bring you decades of joy.
Louis XV with Marie Anne Victoire d'Espagne by François de Troy, Pitti" by François de Troy - Web Gallery of Art

The Two Qualities Everyone Needs in a Partner

What are the two traits you should find in a partner?

Finding Love: Only for the Lucky and the Few?

Cynicism about love may be worse than it's ever been. Here's why that's ruining your love life, and what to do about it. Cover image: WikimediaCommons/Nevit Dilmen
Photo by Petar Milošević, sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Why Relationships Should Begin With the Head, Not the Heart

Even if you're not from an arranged-marriage culture, could arranging your own life partnership be the way to go? The science says yes. Here's why, and how.

eBliss: Is Love Best Begun Online?

People who meet online have happier, longer marriages, and couples who meet through eHarmony are happiest of all--according to a study funded by eHarmony. What gives?