Sealed With(out) A Kiss

It's nearly Valentine's Day and we're being blitzed with images of couples smooching so I was suddenly reminded of that scene from Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts' character was a prostitute who didn't kiss her johns on the mouth because for her, kissing was intimate but sex was not.

Four Reasons Smart People Make Stupid Dating Decisions

Every guy or girl in a bar looks more irresistible when you're sex or relationship-starved.

F*** List Fallout

I don't think casual sex is inherently good or evil. But Karen Owen is suddenly a hero to some and a sick slut to others. So when is hooking up with abandon harmful and when is it a harmless choice?

Intense Sexual Chemistry (Part 2)

What happens when there is instant intense sexual chemistry between two people? Sometimes it's just physical attraction. Sometimes there is deeper meaning that can explain why some relationships that begin like this end disastrously while others thrive.

Cutting to the Chase on Cheating

Why might Tiger cheat?  Cheating on your partner comes down to these three things.  Period.