Is Online Infidelity Really Infidelity?

Online liaisons are not necessarily considered to be unfaithful behaviour. Sexual infidelity online is no threat to a male’s certainty of paternity

This Can Give You the Advantage in Online Dating

Artistic and creative pursuits predict mating success Art, music or humour, are the modern day human equivalent to the peacock’s tail

Does Social Media Help or Hurt Relationships?

Do you argue with your partner as a result of Facebook use?

What Influences Facebook Friendship Acceptance?

Name affects judgements of attractiveness Facebook friendship request acceptance related to first name

Can Snapchat Cause Jealousy?

Snapchat used for sexting. Participants used Snapchat more for flirting.

7 Research-Based Reasons Internet Dating Doesn't Work

Be wary of online chat Online dating is not a quick fix We make bad decisions in online dating

4 Clues Your Online Relationship Will be Happy Ever After

Online environments can sometimes lead to greater intimacy. People may often second guess what their communication partner really means.

Online Dating: The Dark Side

These people use devious psychological ploys. Have you ever been suspicious about an online relationship?

Be More Successful in Online Dating – Use Humour

Females with more humorous partners have more sex and also initiate sex more often. Females prefer males who can make them laugh, because humorous males may be able to give their offspring superior genetic benefits.

5 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Successful Online Dating

Stand out in online dating, distinctiveness is important.

What is Online Infidelity?

What are the salient features of online infidelity? One component which may characterize unfaithful online liaisons is the time of day at which such liaisons take place.