Shaming Women: Sex, Toys, and Cosmetic Surgery

Stigmatizing women continues. But let us be grateful to women's advocates -- those who expose the finger pointers.

Resilience: 4 Ways to Move Forward After Time Stands Still

Resiliency is a gift, but in some ways it is an art that can be cultivated.

St. Patrick's Day Drinking: Facts, Hangovers, and Advice

Watch out for the lure of too much green beer.

Serenity: 6 Steps to Peace in the Midst of Change

Keep yourself and your relationship on an even keel and when change comes about -- second guessing will not shatter your peace. .

Let's Give Valentine’s Day 2016 Back to Children

Look at the world through the eyes of a child before that child learns anger or hate. And just as we tallied up cards from our Valentine’s Day box as children, let the next Valentine’s Day become a day when children’s organizations can tally up checks.

Take This Gratitude Quiz, Then Assess Your Love Life

As people look at cards of hearts and flowers to send for Valentine’s Day, we might consider creating an abundance garden in our own hearts, one that can attract love or strengthen love.

Handcuffs Bump Hearts on '50 Shades of Grey' Valentine Bear

Although handcuffs may look cute with the bear, it seems that the message of love and gratitude for your special someone is diminished. Also consider the connection between porn and sex trafficking.

Confessions of a Repeat Mover

Sometimes we move because an apartment is out there calling us to turn four walls into a home.

If Orgasms and Love Elude You, Blame Commitment and Oxytocin

When one's social life consists of hook-ups, sexual pleasure is often fleeting and disappointing.

3 Love Goals for 2015: Acceptance, Gratitude, and Happiness

Keep in mind that embracing the positive is attainable, even if you must reinvent yourself in the process. Then comes the next challenge -- following-through.

4 Memoir Writing Tips for Treasuring a Holiday Memory

When asked "How do you write a memoir?" My answer is simple -- one memory at a time. Here are 4 tips and my memory of "The Italian Family Christmas Tree Challenge" when Grandpa brought home the tallest tree on the farm.

Holiday Sex, Romance, and Gratitude Enhance Intimacy

Researchers tell us the mean occurrence rate for experiencing orgasm during sex. But only we know for certain just how we can influence intimacy by embracing gratitude.

Love Connections: A Duchenne Smile and Gratitude

If practicing the gratitude you do not necessarily feel can help you become more grateful, can practicing the Duchenne smile help you become happier and more loving?

Anger: Making the Decision to Tame the Beast and Forgive

Anger is a reaction, an emotion. We cannot really control our emotions. We feel what we feel. However, we can control our actions and reactions. Then forgive.

For Love That is Happily-Ever-After, Try Gratitude

With research on gratitude, this attitude may be the "happily ever after" secret.

Stress Is Addictive, Controllable, and Under-Appreciated

To alleviate stress, we must change the situation or change our response. But even change for the better is stressful.

For Lovers or Employees, Documentation Improves Skills

Both for lovers and employees, improving interpersonal skills through documentation can sometimes merge into a self-review process.

Folk Art Reveals Resilience

Our ancestors left us a legacy of treasures.

Memoir Writing Bridges Past and Present

Creating and capturing memories strengthens relationships. When seniors write their memories for children and grandchildren, a new dialogue across generations begins.

A Giving Spirit in Business and Love Spells Success

The Biblical phrase, "It is better to give than to receive" has been studied by researchers who conclude that generosity is rewarded.

Happiness and Love May Be Thwarted by Facebook

Studies define how Facebook may be damaging to personal relationships.

Freedom, Mindfulness, and 4 Love Tips Create Joy

Fireworks can transfix us for over half an hour. Yet, in our multi-tasking world we often find it difficult to focus for even 10 minutes on someone we love.

Happy Father’s Day: Teaching Children Gratitude

Expressing gratitude to a father or the father figure in your child’s life reinforces "an attitude of gratitude."

Four Funerals and a Wedding: Jill Smolowe on Resiliency

Smolowe tells us that while loss is universal, grief is personal. In “Four Funerals and a Wedding” she offers her personal story "not as a template but rather as an alternate picture of how grief unfolds for many people."

Kindness and Gratitude May Keep Regret at Bay

Gratitude may be the trigger for kindness and happiness and even keep away those nagging regrets.

You Can't Go to Heaven with Your Roots Showing: A Memory

While the ethics of geriatric fiblets are debated, for many of us it is a mechanism we use to live in the daily reality of someone whose mind is slipping away.

With an Easter Basket or Flower Pot, Start Growing Gratitude

Whenever you begin to feel joy slipping through your fingers, reach into your gratitude basket or flower pot to remind yourself to be grateful.

Alcohol Awareness: Affordable Care Act Facilitates Screening

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism can take a devastating toll on individuals and families at a $224 billion cost to the US economy. Physicians have been advocating for screening and models have been developed for screening in offices and in emergency departments.

The Top 4 Romantic Wishes of Men and Women

Once you understand what he wants and are honest about what you want, then you might better evaluate how to proceed in the world of love and loyalty.

Downtime: 31 Ways to Embrace Saturday Night Alone

Instead of looking forward to what we can do in the future, it might be more valuable to ask, “What can I do tonight?”