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While romance eludes many today, nonetheless magazines, movies, and television still tout the love myth -- without love, without a partner, you are not whole. But here is the underlying message: "If you want to be happy, you must be in love." The message often creates a weekend anxiety syndrome.

Yet, thousands of women -- and men -- are alone on Saturday night and perhaps every other night of the week. Are they sad and brooding? Or have they taken control? Take a chance on choosing happiness.

In reviewing my 14 Tips to Overcome Those 'Alone on Saturday Night' Blues, it occurred to me that instead of looking forward to what we can do in the future, it might be more valuable to ask, “What can I do tonight?”

Here are 31 thoughts (with resource links at the end) for you to consider as you embrace Saturday night alone. Think of time alone as a mood booster especially if you have been traveling and away from home for a while or working a 50 – 60 hour work week.

For you and your psyche

  1. Make a wish list.
  2. Design a gratitude basket for yourself.
  3. Forgive someone – it will free up your energy.
  4. Write a positive affirmation – put it on your fridge.
  5. Practice mindfulness.
  6. Start a gratitude journal. 
  7. Explore creative visualization and synchronicity.
  8. Learn something new, watch NOVA.

 For you to just let go

  1. Read a book of short stories or fiction.
  2. Binge on a favorite TV series via the Internet. 
  3. Cook up something scrumptious.
  4. Daydream.
  5. Explore a new hobby by seeking out possibilities in your area -- from knitting to bird watching.

 For you and those you love

  1. Set up a thank you note shelf.
  2. Create a birthday calendar.
  3. Design a gift box so you always have a present on hand.
  4. Go through iPhone photos and send links for printouts to mail to special people.
  5. Write a letter to someone expressing gratitude that he or she is in your life.

 For you and your appearance

  1. Revamp your spring wardrobe – What can you save? What can you spruce up with a belt, scarf, or piece of jewelry?
  2. Treat yourself to a bubble bath.
  3. Slather your body with a moisturizing cream. 
  4. Rethink the way you eat – stop dieting and eat mindfully.
  5. Start a new bedtime routine and you might even sleep better. Aunti sent us to bed each night wearing a strand of pearls, a splash of Joy, and a silk nightgown saying, “You never know who you will meet in your dreams.” 

 For you and your home

  1. Rearrange furniture (Couches can be at angle instead of just against a straight wall.  Simply add a screen or small table with a lamp.)
  2. Clean windows and mirrors so you can see clearly.
  3. Create a finance section in your kitchen, hall, or designated desk.
  4. Sort books and magazines to keep and to give away.
  5. Listen to music while you dust your furniture and behind the bed.
  6. Re-purpose a piece of furniture (mount a wine rack on the wall for yarns or small treasures.)
  7. Find ways to bring feng shui into your home.
  8. Declutter by asking yourself: What do I need today? What do I need this season? What have I not touched in six months? Toss it or give it away and create the vacuum law of receiving. Create spaces that allow good energy to flow throughout. Tidying Up Craze: Toss Clutter, Forgive People | Psychology Today.


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