Love Researchers Pinpoint Happily-Ever-After Secrets

Oxytocin fires up love, but kindness and generosity of spirit, along with gratitude, are the secrets to happily-ever-after.

Star Wars Resilience: Overcoming Adversity

For George Lucas and Seiji Ozawa accidents changed their lives. We have the power to turn an adverse situation into a positive experience.

Break Up Blues: 13 Thoughts to Help You Recover

Take control of your emotions and turn break-up blues into a positive new chapter in your life.

Asylum Quartet: Reminder of the Arts and Gift-giving

Memberships to museums, a concert series, or theater productions are uplifting moments for creating and sharing memories.

15 Ways to Reclaim Romance, Love, and Intimate Pleasure

Embracing your heart's desire -- romantic love.

Italian Memories: Creating “A Time” for Grandma

We are gathering memories into a pictorial family history. When couples create memories together it generates new bonds between them.

Love at First Sight and Life-Long Love: 20 Questions

If you want life-love long, be careful of the illusions trap.

21 Sleep Tips to Refresh Your Body, Brain, and Gratitude

Sleepless nights can disrupt thinking and loving.

For Halloween Love and Sex, Wear Red and Smile

To look more sexually desirable, try bright red lips and a red dress.

4 Ways to Curb Halloween Candy Highs and Rethink the Myth

Is the sugar high we see at Halloween really just a myth?

Give Yourself a Musical Gift of Gratitude

Gratitude is good for our senses.

Gratitude as Science: 4 Paths Lead to Love and Happiness

Grateful people are happier, have more social connections, and fewer bouts of depression. Adapting gratitude as attitude reaps benefits.

What I Learned from Baseball and Yogi Berra

Despite his 14 year feud with George Steinbrenner, Yogi Berra is remembered as a man who embraced friendship and compassion for his teammates.

Gratitude as Emotion: 4 Challenges to Forgiveness

Does gratitude dissipate when we are angry or sad? And if so, perhaps forgiveness is the bridge between the gratitude of science and the gratitude of emotion.

Texting Tantrums: Young Men Acting As Children Perplex Women

The real problem with texting is that one person controls the self-focused argument. When couples argue face-to-face there is the opportunity to say, “What are you talking about? You’ve got this all wrong.”

Family Reality and Bipolar Research: Today There Is Hope

Although there is some hopeful news on bipolar disorder, author G. D. Spilsbury shows how family became the bridge between research and reality.

17 Tips to September Love and Gratitude

With glorious sunsets and a changing season, September is the time to cultivate gratitude and love.

Young Men and Bad Sex: Women Are Being Shortchanged

Too many smart women are being shortchanged by sexually inadequate and callous men. Can men learn the art of loving just as a seal can learn to balance a ball on its nose?

What is the Future for Baby Boomers and Older Americans?

Since we are not going to live forever, how shall we take control of the future?

Train Your Brain for Gratitude: 3 Minutes a Day for 45 Days

When you train yourself to feel grateful, then happiness flows.

Complimenters and Ghosters: Is There Room in Your Tent?

In a society that lacks the cohesiveness of a tribe, new social connections might remain stuffed in a box.

How to Deal With "Stop, I Don’t Want to Talk About It"

Is there an elephant in your room? Hidden agendas and passive-aggressive behavior can wreak havoc in any relationship.

When Love Is Rejected: 8 Ways to Cope in a Texting World

Love and rejection produce emotions similar to a cocaine-like high. The movie "Sideways" reminds us of how quickly love can come to an end. Here are ways to move forward.

Music and Art Stir Us in a Tweeting World

From the texture of heroic relationships and the emotional back story of young soldiers desperate for companionship, the stage is set for history.

12 Bliss Tips: Love and Gratitude Can Reduce Stress

The 4th of July is a time for celebrating freedom and the world comes aglow with fireworks. It is a good time to rethink ways of freeing yourself from stress, making the time to dream, and practicing gratitude and kindness to find your bliss.

Love Lies: 7 Tips for Relationship Clarity

The biggest risk with having the talk is this -- you may lose. But if you you know there is a problem and avoid solving it, in the end you will lose anyway. Take a chance on saving your relationship

Create a Solitude Space and Find Your Gratitude Voice

If making a space for solitude feels awkward at first, buy yourself a journal and call alone time your gratitude time. Then use the precious moments to yourself to express thanks.

Let Me Be Your Boy-Toy: Age, Ethics, and Sex

Questions to consider when thinking about younger men and older women. Should more senior women be dating younger men? In terms of the age gap, what is appropriate? Why are men dying in the arms of younger women?

How to Turn "If Only" Worries into Positive Alternatives

Making the smallest decision, even during a crises can help restore equilibrium.

A Date With Self: 14 Ways to Find Solitude and Its Benefits

People are often afraid of silence and solitude because it feels too much like loneliness. But there is a vast difference that you come to appreciate once you make a date with yourself.