To Alleviate Moving Stress, Ask Yourself 20 Questions

Despite the stress of change, you can alleviate moving anxiety by appreciating where you are living now and looking forward, with gratitude, to a new place to call home.

Time Limited Friendships Can End Peacefully

Here are three ways to end a situational friendship: Brutal honesty, ghosting, or gratitude- kindness.

7 Tips for Embracing Love While Keeping Oxytocin in Check

The way to finding love is by giving love.

Parents Teaching Gratitude and Civility Thwarted by Trump

Civility is declining. Children should be protected from hearing an elected leader’s bullying words. Instead remind them of Michelle Obama's words: "When they go low, we go high."

Embrace Life by Aging with Grace, Gratitude, and Memoirs

Advocates encourage us to age with dignity, to exercise, and capture our histories through memoirs.

20 Ways to Recover from Holiday Heartbreak

'Tis the season to be merry, and also the season for breaking up. Here are some tips for heartbreak recovery.

Finding Serenity On a Musical Afternoon

Let music bring you to a place of beauty and nourishment.

How Lawyers and Psychologists Are Helping Immigrant Children

Immigrant children need a place to call home. But to find "home" requires pro bono lawyers, mental health professionals, sensitive school-based programs, and caring volunteers.

Psychopaths Have Regrets: Can Early Help and Love Save Them?

If children with antisocial tendencies could be raised in a loving atmosphere or receive early intervention, perhaps full-blown psychopathic and violent tendencies might be curbed.

Treasuring Memories Through Memoirs, Stories, or Videos

With holidays approaching, begin to think about treasuring family memories.

Miracle of Conjoined Twins Brings Gratitude After Election

Simple acts can transform anger to gratitude, a gloomy day to one of sunshine and beauty.

Universal Children’s Day Compels Us to Look Into a Mirror

If we look at reports from the American Psychological Association and the Children’s Defense Fund, it appears we are failing our children.

Ten Reasons to Find Gratitude Despite Election Shock

Our US emblem is the eagle, a symbol of long life. Yet many are terrified about our nation's future as they look at the incoming regime. What to do? Educate and organize for 2020.

Lies, The Election, And A Grandmother's Intuition

New research confirms what we learned from my grandmother, "Lies generate more lies."

Coffee: Warding Off Dementia and Identifying Psychopaths

Coffee may ward off dementia and coffee preferences can help identify antisocial behavior.

Music Research Highlights the Value of Concerts

Music is restorative and young pianist and cellist composers enliven our spirits.

Choose Forgiveness and Gratitude Over Gunny Sacking

If you store up resentment, one day it can overwhelm you.

Tidying Up Craze: Toss Clutter, Forgive People

Tidying up seems to be a new craze. While it might be helpful to eliminate toxic people in your life, be certain to look inward and embrace forgiveness.

Talking Instead of Texting Can Save Relationships

Be careful: Texting and your smart phone can be depriving you of conversation, empathy, and intimacy.

Safeguarding Seniors Young and Old: From Meds to Housing

From medications to care groups and housing, seniors young and old need facts and advocates to help make thoughtful decisions.

The Breakup Museum: One of 11 Tips to Heal Your Heart

When a relationship ends, your world may be shattered. But there are strategies to help you cope, recover, and love again.

Can a Family Memoir Talk About Sex?

Who is your audience? When writing a memoir for your family, it might be prudent to tread lightly.

Commencement: Words on Kindness and Justice Resound

Inspiring words at commencement ceremonies can resonate today in this era of political name-calling.

Feminism and Politics: From Gratitude to Misunderstanding

Millennials have opportunities because of the early feminists who fought for the rights of all women.

Mini-Memoir: Write Your Story in 40 Minutes

How to let gratitude, the arts, and music help you write just one memory at a time.

Lingering Gratitude: Nonna’s Young Lover and Your Memoir

To begin your memoir, just capture one moment in time.

6 Science-based Tips for Lifelong Love

Looking for happily-ever-after? Here are 6 science-based ways to lifelong love.

Music, Emotions, and Pleasure Intermingle to Create Joy

Music can lift the spirit and create within us a sense of gratitude.

22 Valentine Tips for Friends, Sweethearts, and Strangers

Valentine's Day can be a challenge. However, researchers tell us that this day can be important for singles and couples alike. And a new review on smiling, underscores its value.