How a Political News Buff Sought Peace by Going Cold Turkey

The new UCLA report finds stress and incivility on the rise in high schools.

Broken Heart Syndrome Redux: Woman Suffers After Dog’s Death

When our heart is breaking, severe pain can mimic a heart attack and send us to the emergency department as newly reported in the NEJM.

People Can Become Resilient After Disasters

Researchers are studying post-traumatic growth; that is looking at positive change despite one experiencing a major life crisis or a traumatic event.

The Shadow Side of Our Personality is Challenging

Few of us want to admit to our own dark side. Yet we can recognize and tame it or take a negative reaction to someone as a warning sign to back away.

Update on Aaron Hernandez: Brain Injuries Led to Tragedy

Football players with repetitive injuries can experience aggressive behavior, depression, eventual dementia, and even suicide.

30 Days of September Gratitude, Joy, Love, and Remembrance

With those glorious sunsets and bursts of golden flowers, September is a time to embrace our heritage, laugh often, and invite gratitude and love into our hearts.

Anger Over Trump’s Words Harms Our Health: Can We Forgive?

If we are angry about Trump's Charlottesville words, we can instead cling to the words of Nelson Mandela, as cited by Barack Obama in the most liked tweet in Twitter history.

Loneliness Cited as Public Health Threat

Finding a way to encourage seniors and those is social isolation to become part of a group that supports humor and reminiscing can stem the tide of a loneliness epidemic.

Overcoming the Fear of Solitude: 10 Thoughts

Being alone with our thoughts can be threatening. In an experiment people were asked to spend 6 to 15 minutes alone. One third cheated. Focusing on gratitude may be the solution.

Breaking Up: Positive View Despite Emotional Turmoil

The Museum of Broken Relationships, recently on exhibit in NYC, reminded me of one of my top break-up stories, over 850,000 hits and counting. If only love had such an impact.

Independence Day Tips for Letting Go and Embracing Love

Researchers point to the value of a positive attitude, forgiveness, and kindness.

Broken Heart Syndrome: New Research and Tips on Recovery

Stress cardiomyopathy, which primarily affects women, has not been considered life-threatening. But new research shows that it can have long term physical effects.

Memoirs: Learning Too Late About Our Dad’s Military Life

In writing a memoir about growing up with Italian grandparents, I came to see all the questions we might have asked about our father.

Breaking Up or Making Up: 34 Tips to Guide You

Women can often sense when a relationship is ending. Here are thoughts to help you move forward.

At Any Stage in Life, 8 Steps Can Turn a Dream into Reality

If your dream is something so big that you are afraid whisper it, make a plan, stay focused, then shout it from the rooftops and own it.

Living with Uncertainty in the World of Medicine

When we are sick, we oftentimes expect an immediate diagnosis and treatment. However, it may take uncertainty and continued questioning to bring about a long-term solution.

31 Ways to Embrace May: Celebrations, Gratitude, and Marches

May is full of reasons to feel grateful and share in life-affirming activities.

Aaron Hernandez: Tragic Choices or Brain Trauma?

With a football player again in the news—one whose brain is being sent to BU for examination—young athletes and professionals will be reminded of the risks.

Forgiveness Research and the Gratitude Factor

While forgiveness is related to the brain's grey matter, building a neural pathway for gratitude in the brain can help in achieving a certain peace of mind.

To Alleviate Moving Stress, Ask Yourself 20 Questions

Despite the stress of change, you can alleviate moving anxiety by appreciating where you are living now and looking forward, with gratitude, to a new place to call home.

Time Limited Friendships Can End Peacefully

Here are three ways to end a situational friendship: Brutal honesty, ghosting, or gratitude- kindness.

7 Tips for Embracing Love While Keeping Oxytocin in Check

The way to finding love is by giving love.

Parents Teaching Gratitude and Civility Thwarted by Trump

Civility is declining. Children should be protected from hearing an elected leader’s bullying words. Instead remind them of Michelle Obama's words: "When they go low, we go high."

Embrace Life by Aging with Grace, Gratitude, and Memoirs

Advocates encourage us to age with dignity, to exercise, and capture our histories through memoirs.

20 Ways to Recover from Holiday Heartbreak

'Tis the season to be merry, and also the season for breaking up. Here are some tips for heartbreak recovery.
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Finding Serenity On a Musical Afternoon

Let music bring you to a place of beauty and nourishment.

How Lawyers and Psychologists Are Helping Immigrant Children

Immigrant children need a place to call home. But to find "home" requires pro bono lawyers, mental health professionals, sensitive school-based programs, and caring volunteers.

Psychopaths Have Regrets: Can Early Help and Love Save Them?

If children with antisocial tendencies could be raised in a loving atmosphere or receive early intervention, perhaps full-blown psychopathic and violent tendencies might be curbed.

Treasuring Memories Through Memoirs, Stories, or Videos

With holidays approaching, begin to think about treasuring family memories.

Miracle of Conjoined Twins Brings Gratitude After Election

Simple acts can transform anger to gratitude, a gloomy day to one of sunshine and beauty.