© 2014 Rita Watson
Source: © 2014 Rita Watson

When we make the decision to dream, we reach into our creative psyche, a treasure chest for both our intuition and our secret wishes.

Nestled within the world that we call the unconscious, the creative psyche emerges into the world of space and time, the consciousness world, as often or as seldom as we will allow.

The creative psyche is that place within us that nurtures our intuition, safeguards our fantasies, cradles our spirituality, and obscures from us those memories that we wish to keep buried.
There is a special richness to our inner life, a life of intuition, fantasies, and memories, both vivid and repressed. It is from this world, this intermingling, that our inner voice emerges.

If we ignore that inner voice during the daytime, that voice insists we listen during dream time, in the quiet of the night.

What is this voice trying to tell us? This inner voice is leading us to our heart's desire. For so many women -- especially at the holiday -- their wish is for love.

Whenever you begin saying, "I wish..." it is time for the dream. So many women say to me, "Where do I begin?" Begin by reaching into your heart.

Give yourself 7 days to make a dream come true:
1. Dream your dreams and make a note of all of those little "I wishes" you hear yourself saying during the day.
2. Focus on the one dream that keeps emerging and seems most meaningful to you.
3. Visualize yourself inside the dream setting until you can actually see yourself in this new place.
4. Introduce one person into your dream. If you are thinking about moving to a new community, learn all about it first. If you are thinking of a new love, actively pursue the idea.Then in your day dream invite your best friend in to enjoy the view.
5. Step out of your dream and take positive action. Look for love on-line.  Join a volunteer group where you might meet someone who shares your values. Sign up for classes. Plan a vacation. . Do something.
6. Share the dream with a spouse, partner, or friend who will be a cheerleader for you.
7. Make a commitment to your dream and follow-through.

When you make this decision to dream, there is no short cut. Consider what it takes to create a garden. Your dream is like a garden that will need to be tended and cared for - with painting a room or planning a party, once the event is over, it is over - but planting a garden requires care and feeding.

Once you have committed to the dream, express gratitude and doors will open. Your intuition will guide you. And you will attract people into your life to help you.

Did you ever notice that when you learn a new word it keeps popping up? The very same thing happens with a dream, you are consciously and unconsciously attracting. It is a marriage of the creative psyche and the creative present. Welcome this new opportunity into your life.

Adapted from "A Serenity Journal" by Rita Esposito Watson

Copyright 2011 Rita Watson/ All Rights Reserved

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