How Do Music and Poetry Become Expressive?

How do music and poetry make us feel things?

Are Musical Preferences All in the Sound?

Are musical preferences all in the sound?

How Similar Is Too Similar?

Does the song “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams sound similar to Marvin Gaye’s song “Got to Give It Up?” Does it sound so similar that it actually represents copyright infringement?

Can You Measure Musicality?

What happens when you try to capture a person's musical aptitude with a number?

What's the Best Way to Listen to Music?

Next time an usher slips you a program note, think twice before you read it.

Can You Be Bimusical?

The benefits of bilingualism have become well known thanks to a wealth of work by linguists, psychologists, and neuroscientists. For even a casual music listener, these benefits raise an interesting question: might there be a condition parallel to bilingualism in the domain of music? Can you be bimusical?

The Surprising Power of Silence

It’s easy to think of moments in music that are silent, but expressively powerful: that moment before the pianist puts her hands on the keyboard; the moment when the rock band stops just before the climax. What makes some musical pauses so compelling?

Looking at Listening

Introducing a new blog about music and the mind