Dr. Saad recently wrote an interesting column that asked if a man could tell a woman's menstrual status by the way she walked? It's a fascinating topic and I know you'll want to go to Gad's site to get the answer. But what I also found interesting was something on his Comment's page. Anna wrote in to say it was great to be a woman and Hank replied by saying that it was great to be a man...but mostly because of women. That made me wonder about just how many readers would do a switch if they could.

Sex change operations are frightfully expensive and painful and you never know how they're going to turn out. Despite all sorts of follow-up cosmetic surgery, I'm always amazed by the lack of looks with which most male to female patients eventually wind up. They can't really believe they're cute - right?

But don't get me wrong. Some women born with man parts are strikingly attractive. A friend was recently at a bar in Thailand where comely beauties in tiny thongs danced on tables and turned out to be - men! And if you find that surprising - as did my friend - consider the following: I'm at a party where I find myself in conversation with what is obviously a guy in a dress. He tells me he's half way through a sex change procedure (I didn't inquire which half) and so I ask if he feels sex is better on the other end? He looks askance and says: How would I know? I'm a Lesbian not a Queer. Let's see if I got this straight. I'm talking to a male turning into a female so that he/she can become a Lesbian. BINGO! I have to admit; I didn't see that one coming.

A while back I read an article by a female reporter who wondered what it was like to be a man? So she dressed in a man's clothes, pasted on a mustache, donned a cap and went for a stroll. What she found shocking was that nobody paid any attention to her. This was an entirely new experience. Men are accustomed to being almost completely anonymous going about their daily routine but young women, even relatively plain ones, get looked at all the time. Emphasis on the word "young" as that seems to make a difference. A female friend of mine has now (albeit just barely and most reluctantly) entered Cougar ranks and finds herself the aggressor...picking up younger men in supermarkets. What bothers her most is no longer getting all the stares she once got. On the other hand, I've heard from lots of women who frequent All-Girl gyms just to avoid those very same looks.

Personally, I love everything about women though I feel way ahead of the game being the opposite gender. And yet, though I never saw any statistics, I do believe it's mostly males changing to females that keep the gender assignment Docs in business. Why is that do you suppose and, for that matter, does anybody know for sure? Are men really that keen on being women?

Actually, it would be enlightening if a number of readers would pass over to the Comment's page and share what you like/dislike about your gender and why you would/wouldn't switch assuming you could do it in a snap. Also, what's the biggest misconception the opposite sex has about you? And finally, what's the first thing you'd do if you received a 24-hour pass to the other side?

Be brave...no one will ever know it's you.

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