Conflict and Peace: Lessons from Childhood

Children squabble, but adults do battle. Can we learn anything about conflict and peace from childhood?

Looking to Our Past: Escapism or Exploration?

The past is gone, cannot be changed, and cannot return. Is revisiting it in memory a reluctance to live in the present?

Should We Beware of Sad Songs?

People expect that sad music will make them feel better by providing catharsis, the opportunity to work through sadness, or the knowledge that other people have also had similar feelings. But does it?

Too Much Tragedy Making You “Heartworn”—Weary of Compassion?

Sad and tragic headlines assault us daily. How do we keep our compassion safe from fatigue?

What Will Your Children Remember About You?

Raising a child can be daunting. In the midst of the hectic effort to meet all our children’s needs, we might wonder what will make the most important difference in their lives. What will they remember best about their childhood experiences with us?

Tired of Being Judged? Try This.

We are being bombarded with implicit and explicit judgments in our professional and personal lives. Does constant evaluation take a toll on our psychological well-being?

6 Ways That Tonight's Dreams Could Change Your Life

Can we benefit from thinking about our dreams? Will attending to our dreams waste our time or, even worse, mislead us into inferences of false meaning?

What Your Oldest Memories Reveal About You

What do your childhood memories say about you? Do our early memories merit our consideration?

No Limits: Relationships in Cyberspace

Virtual relationships can foster a sense of bonding and belonging, but psychological distancing can increase loneliness and alienation.

Why We Love Sad Songs

Happy music can elevate our mood and share our joy. So why would we risk losing our good mood by listening to sad music?

Can Pets Help Us From Beyond the Grave?

Grieving the death of a pet can be a lonely process. Is loving a pet inherently a short-lived joy?

Are We Trying too Hard to Be Happy?

Can the lure of future happiness be self-defeating?

Are Some Offenses Unforgivable?

Does forgiving bring healing, or incur its own costs?

The Greatest Challenge of Fatherhood

We might want fathers to tell their children “I Love You” more often like mothers do. But it’s more important that fathers make their love known even without the words.

Why We Place Flowers on War Heroes' Graves

Remembering keeps us focused on what is important enough to be willing to die for.

Nostalgia: A Mental Time Machine

If you could travel through time in only one direction, would you choose to move forward or backward?

When Heaven Is Silent: The Value of Unanswered Prayer

Feeling connected with the transcendent is more important than having the sacred solve earthly problems.

Camelot: Remembered or Imagined

Remembering the past is different for those who lived it.

Princesses and Zombies: Halloween Isn’t Just For Children

The blend of beautiful, humorous, horrific and heroic Halloween imagery reflects the tension inherent in a holiday that celebrates uncertainty and conflicting emotions.

In Memory Of...

The hope that one day our loved one will be “remembered” by those who had never known them is the ultimate gesture of yearning for immortality.

Keeping Time

Looking back can help us enjoy the present and have hope for the future.

What Price Vengeance?

The compassion and forgiveness critical for healing are not inherent in the death penalty.

Faith and Foxholes

Is faith strengthened or weakened by a traumatic experience?

Picture Book Memories

The meaning of childhood picture books is reinterpreted as a person confronts new challenges and assumes new social roles through life.

Missing Someone Else's Past

Acceptance of the reality that a lost childhood cannot be recaptured or made whole can lead to different outcomes depending upon the associated feelings. Feeling nostalgic rather than simply bitter provides the opportunity to transform adversity into more than survival.

Bittersweet Holidays

Nostalgic memories can be comforting during holidays that bring stress, joy and sadness.

Longing for Ghostly Encounters

Ghosts appeal to the hope that those we love continue to live on beyond this world.

Better than Yesterday: Becoming More than Who You Were

We are no longer who we were, but those experiences are still part of who we are. Better than escaping our past, we can become richer because of it.

Knowledge and Trust in a Gigabyte World

Isn’t it ironic that in an age of immeasurable information, there is little that we can assume to be credible? As technology changed the way information is communicated, it challenged our ability to know what is valid and what is not. Without reliable ways of distinguishing fact from fiction we might conclude that no one is above suspicion and nothing is believable.

Life's Refrain: The Power of Nostalgic Songs

What is so special about songs that make us long for our past?