Sweet Sixteen: NLD and Driving

How do you prepare yourself when your teenage child with NLD starts learning how to drive?
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Surviving Freshman Year of High School

Indigo may have NLD, but that doesn't stop him from pursuing his goals.
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Tutoring Clarissa:

Does your child have learning difficulties? A tutor will help your child exercise her brain and implement learning strategies that will stick.
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Who Are We Medicating?

Who really benefits when we medicate our children?
NLD and Me: No Apologies

NLD and Me: No Apologies

Parents: Do you say "I'm sorry" even when you're not? Ever wonder why you feel the need to apologize for your child or your parenting style? No apologies necessary.
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Strategies For a Successful Individual Education Plan (IEP) Meeting

Individual education plan (IEP) meetings can be scary, even when you're working with a cooperative team. But they don't have to be. Take control of your child's special education with these seven strategies.

Back to School Time: Are You Prepared?

Many parents do not realize the anxieties children face at the start of the new school year, especially children with learning disabilities. With proper planning, you can create a smooth and worry-free back-to-school transition.
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Summer Time — A Vacation From NLD

Raising a child with nonverbal learning disability can be emotionally, physically and mentally draining. Summer is the perfect time to take a break.

An Interview With Sera Rivers on The Coffee Klatch

Listen to Sera Rivers talk about her journey to finding the proper diagnosis for her son, how she advocated for his educational rights and her advice for parents of children with special needs.

He Shoots, He Scores: The Myth About NLD and Sports

Your child has special needs. Playing sports is out of the question. Have you ever asked yourself why?

What's Next? Multi-step Directions

Are you constantly chasing after your child to perform simple tasks? Do you have to remind him a hundred times to take a shower or do his homework? Do family members and teachers complain that he doesn't follow the rules? Your child might have difficulty processing multi-step directions.

The Green Hornet and Red Kites – Visual Spatial Deficits

Your child trips other kids on the soccer field, but when he gets in trouble, he swears he didn't do it. When you tell him to do his homework, he says he can't find his pencil but it's right in front of him. The eye doctor insists he has perfect vision. Does your child have behavioral problems or are these signs of something else?

Anxiety and NLD Part Two

Would you sing in front of a sold out crowd? One teenage boy got the chance but he suffers from severe anxiety. How did he find the courage?

Anxiety and NLD

Indigo's panic attacks occurred frequently, causing him to hurt himself and others. On many occasions, he almost died because he ran toward busy roads and other dangerous places. 

The Search For Answers

Despite educational professionals demands, I refused to medicate my son. I knew Indigo's problems were bigger than anger, inattention, and hyperactivity.

Nobody Told Me

I didn't imagine parenthood to be compete perfection... Still, I was not prepared for the lonely education ahead.