The New Evolution Therapy

Psychotherapy will improve only when we understand what the brain evolved to accomplish.

The "Instinct" Instinct

Can you override an instinct with deliberate practice?

What Your Wikileaks Instinct Reveals About You

Many of our passions can swing wildly depending on the questions we pose to ourselves

Burning books in a digital age: fire and futility

Reification of an item or word into something real is a transmutation our species of mammal does well and easily.  We conflate a gesture with real aggression. If someone gives me the finger while driving I can choose to enrage myself or not.  

All my 888 children

A new study of Moulay’s foray informs us not only about male reproductive ceilings, but the willingness to avail oneself of opportunities when socially or politically (or coercively) possible.  

Taming the Rageful Lion Within

Most treatments for anger are palliative, in that they help you in the short run. But in order to uproot the tendency to carry anger, rage and resentment around requires a bit more than padding on an elliptical machine.

O.J. Gibson: Mel and the Rage Instinct

Is Mel on his way to slowly motoring a white Ford Bronco?  

The Progressive Pitfall

A noble aspiration for display plants a seed of misery

Conflict is unavoidable. Suffering is optional.

We're so derailed by what we think we must avoid that we ignore or forget to define what we really want

Guys and Dolls and Dates and Gall

Deciphering Sex-Laced Perspectives on Love

MacWorld, Markets, and Emotions

Next month at MacWorld, the annual showcase for Apple's new products, we'll see an orgy of competing electronic gadgets, entrepreneurs and start-ups, established giants, and eager but selective buyers entering a a sort of digital red-light district.  It's the marketplace of silicon experience and possibility. And my iPhone is ticking off the seconds until it begins.