The Five Stages of (Financial) Change

Are you stopping yourself because you don't see progress? You may be further along than you think.

Material Girl, Miserable Girl

People who place a high importance on material wealth report lower quality of life in physical, social, emotional, and professional domains.

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness, but Power Might

A sense of personal power, not money itself, may be the key to peace, joy, pride, and satisfaction in our financial lives.

Time IS Money... But Not Like You Think

How you think about time affects your savings habits.

Stuart Smalley Was Wrong

Can affirmations help you avoid over-spending? The right way to affirm yourself for better self-control.

From Freud to Frodo

Money messages surround us. What stories do you believe about money, and how have they affected your life?

The Three Rules for Healthy Money

Understanding the psychology of financial decisions can improve financial thinking.