The Still Point of Midwinter's Blessing

With silent care Night nurtures Day until his power warms and grows and Day loves Night for her sage advice that early ears so seldom hear.

Expanding on the Razor's Edge

For most people, the barren landscape of Wyoming is a boring interval, best seen in the rear view mirror. But for me it is a visual retreat that opens my consciousness to wider views—and not just of the land, but of myself.

How to Move on When Things Change, Part 2

I am convinced that the only way out of any situation is to love your way through it. “Bloom where you’re planted,” as the saying goes—even if that means learning to love loss itself.

How to Move On When Things Change, Part 1

Embracing the finality of a major life transition is often urged upon those who mourn much sooner than they are able. To our great detriment, we may also do this to ourselves—trying to let go too soon and thereby complicating our grief and prolonging our suffering.

A Declaration of Joy

If we keep putting one foot in front of the other--and most importantly--if we determine to learn and grow through even the worse of times, a particular joy may find us.

August Thresholds-Mountain Magic

Sometimes things don't change the way we expect or want. But that doesn't mean the Universe is not hard at work on our behalf.

If You Would Be Wise

Wisdom is born from a combination of experience and inspiration. Paying attention to experience allows inspiration to drop into awareness. And wisdom emerges when one tells the truth about what one is experiencing.

Why Even Subtle Change Deserves Our Full Attention

Welcome change or necessary losses—they are all transitions, rites of passage. And the novel always builds upon the familiar. But only if we step aside for the new shoots to push up through the fertile soil of our imagination.
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Meditation on the Joy of Freedom

The freedom to be one's True Self is the greatest freedom of all. And it is self-granted. Even in the midst of tyranny, it is possible to be real.

Remembering a Father's Integrity

I wonder if my father ever thought about how differently the future might have unfolded if he had not held true to his integrity and dedication to creating the best possible tomorrow for himself and for all those who depended on him.

Leaving Freud Behind

Oftentimes it is we ourselves who must precipitate dramatic shifts that feel so much like jumping off a very high cliff into oblivion. This is what C. G. Jung did in his break with Freud, and the full scope of future knowledge about the psyche was set on course for greater discoveries—by Jung and those who came after him.

Forgiving a Perfect Mother

It is well nigh impossible to be a perfect mother, although many women try valiantly. It is perhaps even more challenging to have a perfect mother. I should know—I had one.

The Power of Inquiry During Change

When dealing with transitions—either those we choose or those thrust upon us—inquiry is the agent that paradoxically accelerates our ability to effect positive change by inviting us to stop for a moment and take stock of what is transpiring.

An X Game for the Psyche

To live from a point of profound spontaneity in the 21st century is most of all an act of courage. Because once we take off into the unknown that lies beyond everyday existence, there is no telling exactly where we will land.