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A Myth about Men that Can Kill Your Relationship

“I just don’t understand men,” Susan moaned to her best friend, Helen, over lunch. “Every time I try to talk to Jim about something the least bit emotional, I get the impression he wants to point the remote control at me and push the mute button." Sound familiar? It doesn't have to be like this.

58 Caring Behaviors for Couples

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How to Crack the Code of Men’s Feelings

Just because men aren't adept at expressing their feelings, don't for a minute think they don't feel…and feel deeply. Many times, men express their feelings using a secret code – a code that even they can't decipher. Learn how to help your relationship with these tips.

A Surprising Way to Cultivate Contentment

Do you wish you could deepen your communication with loved ones? Worry less about rejection? Rearrange your priorities and commitments to be in line with your values? Be content in the present moment? This one thing can help.

Strengthening Your Marriage with Good Boundaries

Extended families can strengthen your marriage, or they can be a source of tension and conflict. Here are six tips to help.

What Is Equanimity?

“Equanimity.” Now there’s a deep-sounding word that I’ve heard, but never really understood. Leave it to best-selling author and meditation teacher, Sharon Salzberg, to explain a big concept in a practical way, with a touch of humor and wit thrown in for good measure.

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26 Ways to Love Yourself More

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Why Do Smart, Caring People Ignore Environmental Issues?

There is considerable scientific consensus regarding global warming, yet most of us (myself included) look the other way. Why is this? Tara Brach and Mary Pipher offer some answers.

15 Habits That Will Grow Your Happiness

Happiness is circular. Happy people have happy habits, which in turn, makes them happier. Here’s a list of habits that have a high chance of giving you a happiness boost.

Easy Ways to Put the Magic Back in Your Relationship

Time can erode the feelings of care and concern in even the best of relationships. People stop doing the nice little things they used to do for each other because they're too tired, too stressed out, or start waiting for the other person to do something nice first. Eventually, both people feel taken for granted and lonely. Here are some quick and easy things to try.

Star Power

When someone tells me what I "should" be doing, my inner two-year-old kicks in and I become a resistance machine. It seems the more I hear about something being good for me, the less I want to do it. Could the Insight Timer app help me with meditation?

Cancer: No Single Path to Recovery

Not everyone wants to wear pink, and other myths about coping with cancer. Read more.

Finding Balance in a Busy World

People today equate being busy with being important; it’s like saying, “I matter.” If you’re not “crazy busy” people will think something is wrong with you. Here's how to find some much needed balance.