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In many important ways, single people are thriving. How is that possible, when they don’t have the support of a spouse, and they are stereotyped and stigmatized?

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What should you do if you find yourself wishing that you were living some other way?

The Cost of Choosing Not to Have Kids: Moral Outrage

Married people who choose not to have kids elicit moral outrage. They are also judged as less fulfilled than married people who do want kids. But what if they were single?

The New Committed Relationship: For Parenting, Not Romance

Families have evolved in all sorts of ways. Now there are singles who come together only to raise children. They find romance elsewhere, if they are interested in it at all.

Unselfish Singles: They Give More Time, Money, and Care

Studies based on tens of thousands of participants show that the stereotype of the self-centered single person is exactly wrong. Singles are more giving than married people.

Women Who Stay Single or Get Divorced Are Healthiest

Women 50+ who got married got fatter, drank more, and had higher blood pressure than when they were single. Women who divorced got healthier than they were when they were married.

Constrained by Coupling: Your Friends Are Not Your Own

If you are coupled, it matters whether your partner likes your friends. What does that mean for the quality of single people’s friendships vs. coupled people’s?

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The authors predicted a hierarchy of well-being, with married people at the top, then cohabiters, then daters, with unpartnered singles at the bottom. That’s not what they found.

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When economic times are tough, women buy more products that enhance their appearance. New research shows they are trying to be more professional, not more seductive.

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Elder orphans: a serious concern, a scare story to put uppity singles in their place, and a term that should be put to rest