Big-Time Liars: Top 7 Lies They Tell Themselves

The many big-time liars in the news have lured me off topic from the usual Living Single themes. Here’s some of what I’ve learned about the lies that big-time liars tell themselves.

The Special Skills of People Who Are Always Getting Stereotyped

People who are most often stereotyped, rather than getting beaten down by that relentless aversive experience, instead seem to develop special coping skills. They end up more resilient, rather than less so.

Single Women in 1960s and 1970s TV: What Should We Make of Their Relationships?

What would count as a realistic portrayal of the relationships of single women? Did 1960s and 1970s TV do it better than today’s shows?

Can the Rise of Singles and the Urge-to-Merge Coexist?

Two evolutionary psychologists put into perspective the current practice of intensive coupling, the supposed superiority of coupled people, and the myth that what all singles want, more than anything else, is to become unsingle.

Undateable: Guest Post by Elliott Lewis

Friends or lovers? Guest blogger Elliott Lewis tells his personal story and reflects on possible differences between men and women in the desire to be lovers vs. friends.

What Counts as Normal?

In a wonderful book with a telling title, Sex is Not a Natural Act, psychiatry professor and former sex columnist Leonore Tiefer spelled out five meanings of “normal.”

Marriage Angst: Are Single People the Cause?

Purveyors of matrimania are busy trying to persuade singles that they will never be truly happy or complete or worthy unless they marry. Perhaps, though, people who actually are married are noticing something different.

ISO: A Blockbuster Story about Single Life that is Not Primarily about Marriage

So many stories that are supposedly about single people begin with a consideration of the marriage market. But the number of available partners, and their quality, doesn’t matter if you are not interested in marrying.

Drifting into Singleness: Guest Post by Kay Trimberger

In this guest post, author and singles scholar E. Kay Trimberger reflects on her reading of the Atlantic story, “All the single ladies,” and describes how single life has been different for her than it is for the current generation.

A Personal History of a Passion for Single Life and Singles Advocacy

Here’s the short version of how I ended up so devoted to creating positive change for people who are single.

Revenge of the Single Ladies!

On the cover of the November 2011 issue of the Atlantic is the question, “What, me marry?” and Kate Bolick’s story is titled, "All the single ladies." It has already been featured in two segments of the Today show.

What You Miss by Doing What Everyone Else Does

Following the conventional life path can be comfortable, but are you missing out on creating the life that works best for you?

Not Monitored, Not Judged – One of the True Joys of Living Solo?

I don’t think I do anything all that embarrassing when I’m home alone. Yet I like the fact that no one else is around to monitor or judge me. Is that unusual?

Accused of Doing Something Awful? Here’s How to Convince Others of Your Innocence

If you are accused of something seriously bad and you want to persuade others of your innocence, is it best to flat out deny the accusation?

Collected Wisdom About Single Life: Your Thoughts

Among the contributions to the wisdom collected here: experiences of internalized singlism, living single at different ages, reactions to people who ask about why you are single, and more.

The Best of Single Life: Lessons from More than a Decade of Study and a Lifetime of Experience

“Best of single life” lists too often focus on the small stuff. Here are some of the more profound experiences and rewards of single life.

“So Sorry You’re Still Married”: New Anniversary Card Greeting?

Can you imagine a Mother’s Day card or media story that just assumed that anyone who is a mother must be depressed about it? That’s what some Singles Week stories are like.

New York Times on Contributions of Singles – the Perfect Singles Week Celebration!

The New York Times just posted a wonderful article by Tara Parker-Pope, “In a married world, singles struggle for attention.” No myths or singles-bashing here!

She’s Single, 42, Professional, and Unhappy: Wish-Fulfillment for Matrimaniacs, and Bogus, Too!

The latest survey about the supposedly miserable single professional women wasn’t good science -- it wasn’t science at all – but it was very good at generating singles-bashing headlines!

Top 12 Living Single Posts Since Last Year’s National Singles Week

As “Unmarried and Single Americans Week” begins, I share the most popular posts here at Living Single since Singles Week last year, and invite you to contribute your insights to a “collective wisdom” post for later this week.

Sex Partner Privilege: Similar to White Privilege, Male Privilege, and Heterosexual Privilege?

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Airport Screening Post-9/11: What Happens Before You Even Get to Any of the Machines

Did you know that sometimes, as you are standing in line at airport security, before you even get to any of the machines, you are already being monitored?

Does Tom Brokaw Think that Only Married Adults Experienced Grievous Losses on 9/11?

People who became widowed on 9/11 suffered grievous losses. But what about everyone else? They were mostly invisible to Tom Brokaw. What about the other 9/11 specials?

Ditched by Friend Who Got Married: Can You Relate?

A reader shared a story I have heard all too often. She had a deep and enduring friendship with another single person. But when that person married, she ditched the reader. Why do you think this happens? How should we make sense of it?

Who Lies?

Can you predict who lies more? Introverts or extraverts? Men or women? Older or younger people? Other personality types?

Getting Rejected or Excluded: Can It Make You Smarter?

Getting rejected, excluded, ostracized, or discriminated against can be so very painful. However, not all of the consequences of these awful experiences are bad.

Multiplying Our Influence, Expanding Our Reach: Update on New Singles Site

This is a continuation of our discussion of a possible website for single people with attitude. I’ve summarized suggestions readers have offered for what such a site should include. Next step: Prioritizing.

Why Are Wedding Stories Privileged, Even During Disasters?

Why do reporters look for stories of postponed weddings to illustrate the emotional costs of natural disasters?

Getting Called “Mrs.” How Do You Feel and How Should You Respond?

An assumption that some people make about women is evident in the first word that comes out of their mouths. The word in question is “Mrs.” How do you respond when someone who does not know you addresses you as “Mrs.”? It is a question that is relevant to women of all marital statuses.

Reports of New Census Data on Marriage: Can You Predict the Opening Lines?

In an article on the serious topic of how marriage rates are at an all-time low, and how the ages at which people first marry are continuing to rise, the reporter begins with a cutesy note to single people telling them where to find the wedding bells.