5 Years of Living Single: My Biggest Failure

I was among the handful of bloggers around when Psych Today first launched its blogs five years ago. I have had many wonderful experiences but I am also frustrated with my biggest failure so far.

11 Ways the World Will Be Better When Single is the Norm

Once single people are in the majority and put their stamp on things, the world will be a better place. Guest blogger Eleanore Wells points out 11 such improvements, ranging from how we live to how we shop to who counts as family and what policies will rule the land.

Marriage and Happiness: 18 Long-Term Studies

In 18 studies, people reported their happiness or satisfaction starting before they got married and continuing for years afterwards. Getting married did not change people’s happiness. Around the time of the wedding, people who got married and stayed married reported an increase in life satisfaction, but it did not last. Satisfaction with their partner decreased over time.

Great Quotes About Single Life

Here are some great quotes about single life. If you are expecting the usual (e.g., “marriage is a great institution, but I’m not ready to be institutionalized”), you are in for a surprise. Take a look at these, then share your own favorites.

You’re on Notice, Travel Industry!

It is not just single people who sometimes want to travel on their own. In an important article in the New York Times, a reporter urges companies to drop the single supplement and start catering to solo travelers. She also lists cruises and tours that are on the way to offering solo travelers the same great deals offered to everyone else.

The Scarlet Letter S: Getting Branded For Being Single

Amidst all of the discussion of the official forms of discrimination against singles, there is, suggests guest blogger Diane Torre, an under-appreciation of varieties of singlism that plague singles in everyday life. Hurtful comments and unkind assumptions about people who are single are rampant, and perpetrators are not self-conscious about acting in these cruel ways.

A Child of a Single Parent Asks, Why the Hurtful Digs?

Some of the people in public and private life who say, essentially, that the children of single parents are doomed to a lesser life, really believe that’s what the science says. They are wrong.

How Two White Men Are Coaxing American Women to Have Kids

Several recent media stories have claimed that women’s choices not to have kids “may spell disaster for the country.” What interests me are the psychological approaches the authors take to coaxing women to have kids.

In Sitcoms, Singles Are Not Alone; in Movies, Marriage…

Sitcoms don’t get the respect that movies do. But are they telling deeper truths about married and single life?

Without Unmarried Equality, Gender Equality Is Not Enough

Gender equality is not just about husbands and wives sharing equally in paid work, care work, and housework.

The Crisis in Squishy Science and Trouble for Journalists

There’s lots of angst these days about the state of the squishy sciences. What does it mean when different studies produce conflicting findings? What if one point of view has more emotion and more resources behind it? What can journalists do to write more accurate stories?

More Than Sex: 11 Meaningful Facts About Single People

A recent survey of single people asked mostly about dating, sex, and online profiles. The real lives of single people are about much more than that. Here are 11 meaningful facts about single people.

Myth-Buster: How Going Solo Takes Lonely Out of Alone

Eric Klinenberg, author of “Going Solo,” talks about the myths about living alone, the unrecognized care work done by single people, the responses to his book over the past year, whether singletons will start getting the attention they deserve, and more.

The Case for Friendship [Update]

The scope of Carlin Flora’s new book ranges from the friendships of children and adolescents to the friendships we maintain online. Here’s my take on the themes most relevant to single life.

Top 10 Odes to Single People

From a wide-ranging media landscape, from scholars and pundits and a Supreme Court justice, there is a newly-popular theme in the discussion of single life. It is a respectful and even celebratory theme, which acknowledges the strengths, joys, meaningfulness, and advantages of single life.

Do Married Men Really Get Promoted Fastest?

An article in the Atlantic magazine claims that married men get promoted faster than married women, single women, and single men. Sounds right to me, but does the study pass scientific muster?

Manti Te’o and the Revenge of the Romantic Fantasy

All of the people who got sucked into the Manti Te’o fake-girlfriend story – as perpetrators or dupes – had one thing in common: They were matrimaniacs. Will they be more skeptical in the future?

This Is What It Costs to Be Single

Today, the Atlantic Magazine published the definitive documentation of the high price of single life. Lisa Arnold and Christina Campbell calculated the singles penalty in income taxes, Social Security, housing, health spending, and more. It is a tour de force by our friends from Onely. Don’t let anyone whine about a so-called marriage penalty ever again.

Are Married People the True Victims of Singlism?

If we compare the stereotyping and stigmatizing and discrimination against single people to an analogous bias against married people, there is really no comparison. Discrimination against single people is written into more than 1,000 federal laws. Plus, I set the record straight on the true definition of singlism.

Is Polyamory Bad for the Children?

What does it mean for the kids if their parents are polyamorous – meaning that they engage in “multiple loving relationships or partnerships (as opposed to purely sexual relationships)”?

Satisfied? Jealous? On Deciding Not to Be Monogamous

People strongly believe that monogamous relationships come with greater satisfaction and far less jealousy than non-monogamous relationships. What does the research say?

Buzziest Living Single Posts of 2012

Single-at-heart, solo living, single-again, single parenting, not having kids, hooking up, Rush’s attack on single women, eschewing monogamy, and more, were all buzzy topics this year at Living Single.

Now We Know Whether Facebook Is Making Us Lonely

In an experiment, half of the participants were instructed to post more Facebook status updates than they usually do. Do you think that made them more or less lonely than the people who posted their usual number of updates? What if no one responded to their updates?

Are Monogamous Relationships Really Better?

There are widespread beliefs that monogamous relationships are superior in many ways to consensually non-monogamous relationships. Social scientists are beginning to test those assumptions, and they sometimes end up unimpressed.

The New Science of Friendship

Recent studies address questions such as, what is friendship good for, and what’s with the people who keep adding more and more friends?

Why Friendship is the Key Relationship of the 21st Century

Across the ages, friendship lost its place of nobility. Now, however, a confluence of factors has created the grounds for a renewed significance of the relationship that once was so esteemed.

Of Holiday Bullies and Double Standards

People can be very judgmental about how they think other people should spend the holidays. Even those advice columns that are supposedly even-handed often have different standards for people who are single vs. coupled.

David Brooks, Nuclear Family Scold, Cries Uncle

NY Times columnist David Brooks argues that people are better off when they “bind themselves” to two-parent families. He thinks that laws should discriminate in favor of “family formation and fertility.” I’ll take him on with data.

Are Couples Mean to Singles?

Usually, I decide for myself what to write about here, but every so often, a story shows up in my inbox so many times that I feel that I have no choice but to share it. An essay in the BBC News Magazine is a recent example.

The Single Best Bit of $$ Advice for Single People

A recent report shows that single people are not as far along in their retirement planning as married people are. Here are some big-picture answers to why that is and what can be done, and not just with regard to money.