The Marriage Narrative: Will We Look Back in Shame?

Social scientists and journalists are perpetuating a misleading narrative about the superiority of people who get married. Years from now, will we look back in shame?

Does Happiness Really Come From Within?

What's wrong with believing that happiness comes from within?

Promposals: The Darkness Beneath the Cheer

Promposals are not just fun and games. Value systems and feelings of shame are also in play.

Should Everyone Get a Plus-1 Invitation? What about Minus-1?

Beyond the plus-one: I'm also in favor of the minus-one invitation.

Misplaced Pity for Prince

The usual pity party for people who die "alone" was not well attended this time.

6 New Ways We're Living Today

Now that young adults are staying single so much longer, they are coming up with innovative ways of living and putting their own stamp on more traditional arrangements

Apartners Live Happily Ever After – in Places of Their Own

Why would committed couples choose to live apart when no external factors (such as far-flung jobs) are forcing them to do so? In this guest post, filmmaker Sharon Hyman explains.

How Families Changed – What Everyone Knows and No One Knows

Families have been changing dramatically since the 1950s, in ways we never saw coming and in radical ways we still aren't recognizing.

How Hospitals Do Us Wrong

In this guest post, Dr. Cathy Goodwin explains the many ways in which hospitals make things unnecessarily difficult and risky for people who are single.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding How to Live

One of the most important life tasks is finding or creating the lifespaces that allow us to live our best lives.

Before "All the Single Ladies," There Was "Singled Out"

What is new, and what isn't, in Rebecca Traister's "All the Single Ladies."

The Future of Family Lies in the Hands of Single People

Americans are creating family in an unprecedented number of ways, and single people are taking the lead.

Where Are Our Singles Studies Programs?

An endowed chair in transgender studies, the first in the world, has just been created. Here's what's still missing.

Single in America: 6 Cutting Edge Perspectives, 2 Others

If only the first 6 invited experts contributed, it would have been 1 of the most insightful and respectful set of articles about single life ever to appear in a major publication

Here's the Article I've Always Wanted to Write

Here's my briefest, most compelling case for why all those claims about the transformative power of getting married are wrong.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Single Life

What would you like to know about single people or single life? You will probably find answers here.

The Most Beautiful Embrace of Solitude and Single Life

The most beautiful expression of the single-at-heart sentiment was written nearly 200 years ago by the poet John Keats.

Your Status as a Single Person Is a Diversity Issue

Here's why unmarried status is a diversity issue. In this article, I focus on the workplace.

My Singles Agenda

Enough with the stereotyping and discrimination against single people. We need resources to support enlightened thinking, research, and writing about single life.

Watching TV: Why We Love to Binge

There's a psychology to binge-watching TV—and writers, directors, and other masters of emotional engagement have us hooked.

Is This the Missing Piece in the Happiness Puzzle?

One of the important pieces of the puzzle of human happiness is almost entirely missing from the proliferation of writings on the topic: consideration of our physical space.

In 2015, Single People Were Both Celebrated and Shamed

There were some big steps forward in 2015 for single people. But there were also some big embarrassments – not for single people but the people talking about them in clueless ways.

The Community No One Knew We Needed

The Community of Single People is a Facebook group for people who want to discuss every aspect of single life except dating and trying to become unsingle. We needed it.

Readers' Favorite Living Single Posts: 2015

This year, the theme of balancing time alone and time together takes its place alongside the more predictable favorite topics such as happiness, meaningfulness, and sex.

You Have No Right to Be Single

Single people should have the right to be single that is equivalent to the right to be married. But they don't. Not even close.

No, Single People: Your Lives Are Not Second Rate

No, single people, your lives are not second rate. That's not what the science shows. Claims about the superiority of marriage are often based on massively flawed studies, and ignore research showing something else entirely.

Our Families: What's Missing?

In this guest post, sociologist Joshua Gamson takes a look at the beautifully produced Tylenol ads celebrating family diversity, and explores what's missing or hidden.

What's More Important Than Happiness?

One brilliant person's criteria for the good life and reasons for departing from the single story line about how to live.

How You Can Tell that Deep Down, Solitude Is Your Thing

A wildly popular article identified 10 signs that you are perfectly happy with solitude. Most of them were spot-on. But the author got it wrong about the kinds of people focused primarily on fulfilling their own needs.

The Stunning Appeal of a Story About a Man Who Died Alone

The New York Times published an extraordinarily long and wildly popular story of a man who died alone, undiscovered until a neighbor smelled his rotting body. What was the story really about? Why were readers so drawn to it?