Every Stereotype of Single People, Debunked by Science

Science shows that the common stereotypes and negative perceptions about single people are simply not true.

Stories of Our Good Single Lives: Thank You, Kim Calvert!

How a “singles expo” exposed the worst of single life and inspired Kim Calvert to create a magazine that instead shows us the best of being single.

Taking Single Life Seriously

From research on the actual lives of single people comes findings that defy all stereotypes.

17 Things No One Ever Told You About Single People

In several important ways, lifelong single people do better than everyone else.

Marriage Mentality, Our Time and John Updike’s 60 Years Ago

The protagonist of John Updike’s Rabbit series, Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom, wants to run from marriage, but finds nowhere to run to.

Time Alone Saps the Willpower of People Who Are Neurotic

For some people, time alone is rejuvenating. New research shows that for neurotic people, just thinking about spending time by themselves can instead undermine their motivation.

The Revealing Questions No One Is Asking About Single Life

Single life isn’t marriage minus the spouse. It is a whole different experience, meaningful in ways that are rarely acknowledged.

A Year With 1,170 Single People Embracing Single Life

We are single people who want to live our single lives fully, joyfully, and unapologetically. Here’s what our first year has been like.

Why Do We Glorify Marriage When Record Numbers Are Single?

Americans now spend more years of their adult lives unmarried than married. The number of singles is growing around the world. So why do we still glorify marriage?

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If you knew more about the science and culture of sleep and dreaming, maybe you would relax and sleep better at night.

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Studies have followed married people for many years. The results are not what Time magazine claims.

Marrying Friends for Benefits: The Real Threat to Marriage

You've heard of friends with benefits. Here's a version in which the benefits are not sexual, but deeply consequential.

Revisiting the Most Infamous Scare Story about Single Women

In 1986, an infamous Newsweek story claimed that 40-yr old single women were more likely to be killed by a terrorist than to ever marry. How Newsweek even got its retraction wrong.

Bathrooms: The Decades-Long Rise of America's Obsession

Long before the moral panic about transgender issues, bathrooms occupied an out-sized place in American homes and lives.

Why Are So Many Young Adults Living With Their Parents?

For the first time ever, more young adults are living with their parents than with a spouse or partner. One of the most interesting reasons for this is rarely mentioned.

The Marriage Narrative: Will We Look Back in Shame?

Social scientists and journalists are perpetuating a misleading narrative about the superiority of people who get married. Years from now, will we look back in shame?

Does Happiness Really Come From Within?

What's wrong with believing that happiness comes from within?

Promposals: The Darkness Beneath the Cheer

Promposals are not just fun and games. Value systems and feelings of shame are also in play.

Should Everyone Get a Plus-1 Invitation? What about Minus-1?

Beyond the plus-one: I'm also in favor of the minus-one invitation.

Misplaced Pity for Prince

The usual pity party for people who die "alone" was not well attended this time.

6 New Ways We're Living Today

Now that young adults are staying single so much longer, they are coming up with innovative ways of living and putting their own stamp on more traditional arrangements

Apartners Live Happily Ever After – in Places of Their Own

Why would committed couples choose to live apart when no external factors (such as far-flung jobs) are forcing them to do so? In this guest post, filmmaker Sharon Hyman explains.

How Families Changed – What Everyone Knows and No One Knows

Families have been changing dramatically since the 1950s, in ways we never saw coming and in radical ways we still aren't recognizing.

How Hospitals Do Us Wrong

In this guest post, Dr. Cathy Goodwin explains the many ways in which hospitals make things unnecessarily difficult and risky for people who are single.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding How to Live

One of the most important life tasks is finding or creating the lifespaces that allow us to live our best lives.

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What is new, and what isn't, in Rebecca Traister's "All the Single Ladies."

The Future of Family Lies in the Hands of Single People

Americans are creating family in an unprecedented number of ways, and single people are taking the lead.

Where Are Our Singles Studies Programs?

An endowed chair in transgender studies, the first in the world, has just been created. Here's what's still missing.

Single in America: 6 Cutting Edge Perspectives, 2 Others

If only the first 6 invited experts contributed, it would have been 1 of the most insightful and respectful set of articles about single life ever to appear in a major publication

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Here's my briefest, most compelling case for why all those claims about the transformative power of getting married are wrong.