Whenever you invite enlightened singles bloggers everywhere to have their say, you just never know what you are going to get. For the second singles blogfest, the CLUE group (see the Note at the end) invited bloggers to write about how, as single people, they are both independent and interdependent, autonomous and connected to other people.

There are some heartfelt essays here, recounting, for example, ways in which initial attempts at independence did not quite work and inspired other, more creative and rewarding efforts to find both autonomy and meaningful connections to other people.

Take a look at them all. For visual uniqueness, don’t miss Kim Calvert’s contribution. I like to opine about singlism and stereotypes of single people, but I usually do that with words. Kim found an amazing picture that illustrates what some people think that singles want in a restaurant. Priceless!

Contributions to Singles Blogfest 2: Independence and Interdependence

Erin Albert, “Erin Albert’s blog,” “Independence and interdependence day

Lisa A. and Christina Campbell, “Onely” blog, “Operation Singles Saturation: Blogfest2 celebrates in(ter)dependence

Rachel Buddeberg, “Rachel’s Musings” blog, “Independence, freedom, and interdependence

Sasha Cagen, “Sasha Cagen’s Viva Quirky” blog, “The importance of quirkyfriends

Kim Calvert, Editor’s blog at Singular Magazine, “Living alone together

Lisa Cook, “Nearing 50, Not Partnered, Now What” blog, “A single woman’s strategies for making meaningful social connections.”

Bella DePaulo, “Living Single” blog at Psychology Today, “If you are single, is every day independence day?

Bella DePaulo, “Single at Heart” blog at Psych Central, “Are single people more independent or more interconnected than married people?

Sara Eckel, “Sara Eckel” blog, “In my tribe: A married woman among singles

Joanna, “SingleSassy” blog, “Happy independence and interdependence day!

Vicki Larson, “OMG Chronicles” blog, “One is the loneliest number?

April McCaffery, “It’s All About Balance” blog, “Celebrating 10 years of independence

Beth O’Donnell’s new singles blog is not quite ready to launch, but we thank her for her avid tweeting of blogfest!

Julie Phelps, “The Real Jule” blog, “Independently interdependent

RantyWoman, “The Bitter Babe” blog, “Woven themes

Walker AKA the Diva, “Diva of Dating” blog, “Independence, it’s more than just a day, it’s a way of life

Eleanore Wells, “The Spinsterlicious Life” blog, “Happy Independence Day!


(1)   The CLUE organizers are Cindy Butler, the Executive Director of Unmarried Equality, Christina Campbell and Lisa A. of Onely, Eleanore Wells of The Spinsterlicious Life, and yours truly. The tags for this event are #unmarriedequality, #singlesblogfest, and #endmaritalstatusdiscrimination. Our first blogfest was on the topic of economic discrimination against single people. The dozens of people who participated, and the links to their posts, are here.]

(2)   I just put together another collection of links, this one on workplace issues facing single people: “Singles in the workplace: Issues, values, and actions.”

(3)   If you are interested in the latest on my next book project, click here.]

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