When it comes to discrimination against single people (singlism), there are so many people who so need to get a clue! They include journalists, social scientists, educators, political leaders, employers, marketers, health care professionals, and many of our friends, family, and acquaintances. They all could use some education and enlightenment about the misperceptions and unfair treatment of singles.

A newly-formed group, CLUE: “The Communication League for Unmarried Equality,” is committed to spreading the word. We plan to organize a series of educational campaigns on specific topics. We hope these campaigns will eventually lead to social action and social justice. Eventually, maybe we will finally have our Singles Movement.

CLUE  just launched the first “Get-a-CLUE” campaign. Yesterday, April 15, was tax day in the U.S., and so we focused this time on economic discrimination. Below is a list of dozens of posts contributed by the bloggers who participated in this event. (They are listed alphabetically, by name of the blog; I included the blogger’s name if it was included in the post or if a CLUE organizer added the name. If you are a blogger and want me to add your name, just let me know.)

Take a look at their fine work. As we had hoped, everyone pointed to ways in which single people pay more than their fair share, and then added their own insights. Rachel, for example, came up with the clever idea of calculating how much longer a single person would have to work in order to cover the added cost of single (compared to married) life. Spinster Jane reminded us of the ways in which the people who are most important to us do not have the same status in the law as spouses do. Kelly Seal told a personal story of the housing discrimination she experienced as a single person. And…well, read them for yourself!

If you like what the various Get-a-CLUE bloggers had to say, give them your “Like” or spread the word in your own way.

We know we must have missed many bloggers who may want to participate in at least some of our Get-a-CLUE campaigns. We welcome all of you! Just get in touch with one of the organizers (see the list is at the end of this post). If you don’t want to blog, but do want to get advance notice of our campaigns so you can spread the word on Twitter or elsewhere, we want you, too!

 Get-a-CLUE participants in our first campaign:

Because April 15, 2013 turned out to be the tragic day of the Boston Marathon bombing, our hashtags, #unmarriedequality and #SinglesBlogfest, did not trend as much as we had hoped. Of course, we are all sending our best to those victimized by the horrible events.

Do you have a suggestion for a theme for a Get-a-CLUE campaign? If so, add it to the Comments section or send it to one of the CLUE organizers.

The CLUE organizers are Cindy Butler of Unmarried Equality, Lisa A. and Christina Campbell of Onely, Eleanore Wells of The Spinsterlicious Life, and I (my website is BellaDePaulo.com). Thank-you Cindy, Lisa A., Christina, and Eleanore!

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