Because this month marked the 5-year mark for me of writing the Living Single blog, I have been thinking and writing about the experience. I wondered which posts attracted the most (and least) reader interest. So in this article, I’ll tell you what I found, in four sections:

  • Top 27 Posts Over the 5-Year Life of “Living Single”
  • Off-Topic: Most Popular Posts about Lying and Detecting Lies
  • The Post that was the Biggest Loser
  • Some Surprises, or, After All These Years, I Still Can’t Predict Which Posts Will Be the Most Popular


Top 27 Posts Over the 5-Year Life of “Living Single”

 What’s with the weird number 27? I decided to choose just those posts that attracted more than 10,000 page views. As always, the posts that have been around for a while have a better chance of making the list. The recent “Marriage and happiness: 18 long-term studies,” for example, has not yet reached the five-figure count, but it is on track to get there. The #1 post (on asexuals), by the way, ran away with the lead; none of the others even came close to it.

  1.  ASEXUALS: Who are they and why are they important?
  2. Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?
  3. Children of single mothers: How do they really fare?
  4. Is it bad to notice discrimination?
  5. The American psyche: Tipping toward solitude?
  6. Are you single at heart?
  7. The ultimate threat to single people: You’ll die alone
  8. 10 myths about single people: Here are the first 4
  9. Keeping marriage alive with affairs, asexuality, polyamory, and living apart
  10. ‘So why have you never been married?’ A case study in accidental singlism
  11. World’s most revolting Facebook status updates
  12. Wedding porn doesn’t turn us on: Age at 1st marriage has never been higher
  13. Undateable: Guest post by Elliott Lewis
  14. Are the early years of single life the hardest? Part II: Approaching age 30
  15. Men and women who have always been single are doing fine
  16. Single, no children: Who’s your family?
  17. The last ‘why you are single’ list you will ever need
  18. Are monogamous relationships really better?
  19. Two scholars ask: What if marriage is bad for us?
  20. USA Today big new story on marriage peddles same old fallaces
  21. Americans just want to be single?
  22. It’s National Singles Week: Here are 14 reasons why we need it
  23. Solitude, Part 2: The benefits it brings, and the special strengths of the people who enjoy it
  24. 10 myths about single people: Here are numbers 5, 6, and 7
  25. 10 myths about single people: Here are the last 3
  26. How do you make friends when you are single?
  27. Getting married and getting sex (or not)


Off-Topic: Most Popular Posts about Lying and Detecting Lies

  1. Who lies?
  2. Do relationships need lies to survive?
  3. Friends and lovers: Is there a ‘knew it all along’ effect?
  4. Looks can kill – your better judgment

(Because I blog about deception relatively rarely, I was able to collect links to all the posts I wrote on the topic in one place: Here’s what I know about lying and detecting lies.)


The Post that was the Biggest Loser

Far fewer than 1,000 people ever clicked on this post, making it the biggest loser by a lot!

I’m toasting Brits this week, too!


Some Surprises, or, After All These Years, I Still Can’t Predict Which Posts Will Be the Most Popular

I always have a guess about how a post will do before I publish it. What continues to surprise me is how often I’m wrong, even after 5 years of doing this. What’s more, I’m wrong in both directions. For example, I did not expect big things from “Are Married People the True Victims of Singlism?” But it took off immediately, and even though it did not crack the top-27, it racked up thousands of page views, and several months later, it is still attracting readers.

On the other side of things are three guest posts I shared about a singles’ club that, at the time, had been ongoing for 39 years (here, here, and here). I loved that story – a group of singles that continued to meet for fun and food and the exchange of ideas and support (not for becoming unsingle) for decades. But readers disagreed. Relatively few people read that 3-part story. Also, some articles that I spent a great deal of time writing, because I thought the message was worth the time, also turned out to be duds. A recent example is “The crisis in squishy science and trouble for journalists.”

Bottom Line

Thanks, everyone! It is a joy to have this community of readers, including both the silent ones and all those who have been creating lively discussions with the comments they have been posting for years. Thanks, also, to all the people who send me great links and other ideas for posts. I try to acknowledge everyone who gives me permission to do so, but if I ever fail to do so, just get in touch and I’ll correct that right away.

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