For years, I have been intending to post a collection of some of my favorite quotes on single life. Somehow I never got to it; I always wanted to dig through one more box of clippings before doing so. Then my list suddenly materialized, in an unexpected way. Take a look at these four quotes (links were added by me) and meet me at the other side.

  • “…the fantasy of always being alone is a really appealing one to me. In my own fantasy of my own eternally single life, I just see myself doing exactly what I'm doing now. I guess just more and more years of it that I'm very excited by my work, traveling, continuing to share my life with my close friends who have been with me all along, and making new friends and yeah. I guess I just see a life of eternally being single as being exactly as it is right now.”
  • "I'm not unmarried because something's wrong with me or because I'm making selfish decisions or I'm immature and can't settle down or because there are no men; I'm single at 35 because I haven't wanted to be married yet and I've kept making that decision to not be married. I just have not had that desire."
  • “This wasn't about selfishness. It was about not seeing myself simply as a romantic appendage to somebody else.”
  • “…being single is a completely legitimate way to exist and, for me, a very absorbing and interesting one. Once I made that realization, I was much happier inside of my life and when I look back at the last 15-20 years, I have been very satisfied with it. The only thing that was making me unhappy was the idea that I should be doing something else that I wasn't doing.”

Can you tell what makes this set of quotes about single life differ from most Best-Quotes lists? First, at least in my opinion, they are particularly enlightened insights. But what I’m really getting at is that they are all from the same person, in the same interview.

That person is Kate Bolick. You may remember her from the cover story in the Atlantic magazine, “All the single ladies,” that got huge media attention. (I discussed it here, here, and here.) She is now writing a book on the topic, and there may be a TV show in the works, too. All of the quotes above, though, are from one source: an interview she did with Wisconsin Public Radio.

I still want to publish a more typical collection of quotes that come from more than one person. So if you have any favorite quotes about single life, please share them in the comments section (or email them to me) and let me know if I can credit you if I use your quote.

[Notes. (1) Thanks to Jason McMahan for the heads-up about this interview. (2) As I mentioned in my previous post, over at my personal blog, I’m publishing some posts that are collections of links, all on the same topic. The ones I have so far are about [a] examples of businesses practices that may seem unfair to single people; [b] what we know about single-at-heart; [c] single parents and their children; and [d] lying and detecting lies.]

UPDATE. Our friends Lisa and Christina from Onely were also interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio. Take a look, or a listen, here.

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