Since none of the other PT bloggers seem to have mentioned it yet, I thought PT book lovers and Amazon customers might like to know that Amazon has (temporarily, I hope) pulled thousands, if not tens of thousands, of books from its site over a dispute with one of the biggest publishers in the nation. Singled Out is among the books that Amazon is no longer selling except through third parties. (More on that in a moment.)

The fight is over the pricing of e-books, but Amazon has pulled not just Kindle versions, but printed versions as well. (Unfortunately, Singled Out has not yet been made available as an e-book.)

Macmillan is a huge publisher. Its imprints include Henry Holt (which includes Metropolitan Books and Times Books); Farrar, Straus & Giroux; Picador, and St. Martin's (the publisher of Singled Out). You can read more about the dispute at the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, or at BoingBoing.

Many Macmillan books that have inspired much discussion and debate here at PT (for example, Barbara Ehrenreich's Bright-Sided) are among the books that are now available on Amazon only from third-person sellers. I can't do anything about those, of course.

As for Singled Out, you can still get it from Barnes & Noble and other booksellers, including many independent booksellers - always a good idea to support them. I have my own personal stashes of the paperback and the hardcover version. As long as the Amazon freeze continues (and my supplies last), I'm happy to send you either for $10 and I'll pay the shipping. (Contact me at BellaDePaulo [at] for details.)

My other books were not published by Macmillan so they are not affected. You can still get Single with Attitude as a paperback or for Kindle. Behind the Door of Deceit is also available in paperback or for the Kindle. The Lies We Tell and the Clues We Miss is in paperback.

And speaking of Single with Attitude, thanks to Rachel Buddeberg's inspiration and with the help of Nicky Grist over at the Alternatives to Marriage Project, you can now get t-shirts, tank tops, and totes (great for green grocery shopping) emblazoned with that title. I don't make any money on this, so I'm not mentioning this to be financially self-serving. I do like the items, and I think AtMP will benefit in a very small way from your purchases. I think Valentine's Day would be a great occasion to wear a shirt (or carry a tote) proclaiming "Single with Attitude."

In my next post, I'll get back to blogging about my long list of Living Single topics awaiting my attention.

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