Of all of the myths about singles that I make fun of in Singled Out, perhaps the most resistant to data, logic, or any other approximation to reason is the one that says that singles are interested in just one thing - getting coupled. As Valentine's Day draws near, the crooning about coupling is about to become relentless.

Sometimes the most powerful myth-busting comes from the bottom up, as single people make their own voices heard in their own ways. I'm constantly on the lookout for new sources of enlightenment, and Google alerts for words like singlism bring in new examples all the time.

I last listed some of my favorite singles sources when several new documentaries about single people all appeared around the same time. I try to keep an updated list in the Links and Resources section of my website. Here are some of the latest additions. Do you have some favorites that you don't see here or in my earlier post? Please share them in the comments section.

Websites and Blogs

Single Women Rule
Single Mothers (Search Mothers)
The Good Bye Dress
Wild River Review
Original Diva
Sweet Solitude
Femme Fare
Quirky Economist
What Would Carrie Wear?

Research Tips and Resources

Solo Living Research Network
Fact sheet about Single Women, compiled for the Sociologists for Women in Society (Click the first link under "2008 Fact Sheets")
• Tip for getting a copy of a journal article that is behind a pay wall: E-mail the author and ask for an electronic copy.

Singular Magazine

Want a free copy of the new magazine for singles? Click here.

Finally, here's the Most Enlightened Valentine's Day Gift Ever. (Click the link just above the Welcome word. Okay, so I may be a bit biased on this one.)

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