flowers in bloom

Did you ever see the changing of seasons stop dead in their tracks and just refuse to get up out of bed and do their thing? Sure spring is sometimes late and sometimes muddy and varies from climate to climate, but it comes nonetheless, with whatever spring is meant to bring. Here in New England it is daffodils! But those daffodils have had to fight to come up, with so much snow this winter, some of it still piled on top of those poor old buds! And some of the daffodils look a little worse for the wear. Nevertheless, they are here. And thank you very much for doing your daffodil thing, against all odds.

But people spend a lot of time trying to figure out when to start blossoming, how to start blossoming, whether it is safe to send up a sprout, even questioning whether they really are a daffodil, because maybe, somewhere deep inside we feel more like a daisy! Or a rose or a dandelion. In fact, day to day we may wonder whether we are not all of these things and in so wondering, we may just sit tight, not letting a single pedal open up.

But opening is all we are, from birth to death. Opening to new experiences, to new expressions of Self, opening to change, to deeper knowing, to our own truth. Opening to other people, to pain and to joy. Opening to each new morning and whatever it brings.  As surely as the daffodils are called to grow, we are called by Self to become our Self. No matter what stories we were told by our families, our cultures, ourselves, about who we are supposed to be, we really are just our Self-ness.

So what if we trusted that inclination to open? What if, between our intuition and our gut instincts, we kept growing, and taking leaps of faith whenever required? Sure, we might end up growing where the environment is less hospitable than we might like, but think of it! Is not that fearsome dandelion pushing its way through the cracks in the cement, as magnificent as the hybrid, well pruned rose?

So ask yourself, as you look around at whatever your season is giving to you, what is wanting to blossom in you. And if there is an obstacle to that blossoming, move it, or move yourself around it.

The seasons keep changing and so do we. What a relief to welcome that and live into our changing lives, opening, opening, opening.

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